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Wednesday 12/25 Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hi all,

What a beautiful day this has been. It is amazing when so much work and love come together in a day like today. There were so many things to make this day special and loving. It started on Saturday when Floyd and I worked in the food pantry. It was an unbelievable day at our church's efforts to take care of our community. There was a line of people at the door so we opened them at 8:45 rather than waiting until 9. It's a good thing because it never calmed down. We usually fill two pages of names and start on a third--but we were on page five when we finally locked up around 11:30, a half an hour past closing time. We served 49 families in that short time. I felt good to help others in such a time of need. We had taken a box of non-perishable food items along with us that hadn't made it to the fall student hunger drive. That box, along with a case of canned veggies and a half of a case of salad dressing were all gone in the first hour. It's so hard to think of such great need in our community and the world and I wish there was something I could do to make that go away.

We had over eight inches of snow dump on us Saturday night, so we didn't make it to church in the morning. Our road didn't get plowed until after 1 PM. It kept us indoors all day except for forcing me to give Floyd his Christmas present from me (a new snowblower) early. I have never done such a thing before, but I didn't want him to shovel by hand when it was such a big job. Our temps dive-bombed into the below zero range and it was cold inside and out... Monday was a day to scurry and take care of the bare essentials, and get back into the warmth of our home. I had an appointment with the eye doctor It turns out that the strange sloppiness I was having with my vision was real, he had to "fine-tune" my glasses prescription and that should help me a lot.

Yesterday, Floyd and I went out and finished our shopping and taking care of details. I think it was the first time ever that he didn't get all worked up and a bit crabby over money and time and other things. He was so laid back and easy, it felt as if I had my husband back after so many recent years of pent up stress shile he was working unreasonable hours with unreasonable demands. Anyway, I finished a bit of Christmas gift shopping that was left, some grocery shopping for Christmas breakfast and for beverages for our meals. We went to both the 4:30 family service and the 10:30 candlelight service at our church. In between, we had a Mexican food bar and then a family gift exchange. Those are always fun. It makes me happy to see how well my children select gifts on their budgets--it shows that they know each other well and that they love each other. There were lots of laughs and lots of love to share and enjoy.

Our bigger sons helped Floyd put out our "Santa gifts" even though the kids are old enough to know where the love and gifts really come from. This morning, Mitchell picked up his brother--Laura came on her own because she had to leave for work at 3PM. It was fun to watch them and to see the joy on their faces when they got their gifts from us. We didn't spend as much as we may have in the past, but we hit their needs and wants right on the head and that was such a pleasure to watch and enjoy as they opened up their gifts. Floyd also declared this "Mom's day to rest" and recruited a lot of help with cooking and kitchen work. I think he has learned so much about my back and my pain than he ever knew before after having attended so many medical appointments with me that he "gets it" in a new and clear way.

It has been a wonderful, beautiful holiday here. I sure hope that you had one of your own. Merry Christmas, one and all. I'm sending this with love and with prayers for you, your loved ones, and for your holiday season.

Merry Christmas with gentle hugs,
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