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PMS question...

Monday, December 23, 2013

So I'm in the medical field, I'm use to being blunt, sorry if this is too blunt for some of you!

Unnecessary background info? I have PCOS.

PMS has never affected me, I've never been hungrier during that time of the month, never craved chocolate or sugar, never got bloated, etc.

The past few months? I think it's totally affecting me. So what's changed? I limited my sugar intake about a year ago and officially cut out chocolate (food sensitivity) around August. Now I never went OVERBOARD with chocolate, but I did indulge maybe once a week by having some squares of dark chocolate. I fear that now that I'm not getting that occasional chocolate/sugar in my body that when TOM comes around, my body goes "SUGAR, GIVE IT TO ME!!"

The past two months have been awful. Last month, I made a delicious caramel sauce (one full fat can of coconut milk and one cup dark brown sugar. Stir occasionally on a med-low heat for 20-25 minutes and it'll slowly thicken, even more so as it cools) and discovered that there is coconut milk based ice cream I can eat- the SO delicious brand and Coconut Bliss. Now the difficult part was finding ones without chocolate in it, but it was manageable. In fact, I found two different flavors. Yup, two pints of ice cream and a lot of caramel sauce. I downed that sucker in three days.

And then last night? I attempted to make that caramel sauce again, but I only had light coconut milk and the fatty portion had already been removed, so it was mainly the water and a little bit of the fat. I have no idea how much brown sugar I added, I just poured it in (the caramel sauce was a failure, it never thickened, but it had the same taste!). So I had that with some peanut butter (no idea why I thought that would be a good combo - but I was craving the fat!). Then I took some unsweetened rice milk and added the rest of the caramel sauce for a cold dessert drink. It was actually good.

Until I felt sick afterwards. Like I thought I was going to throw up, I couldn't move, etc. I just laid there and hoped the feeling would pass. It was awful. I ended up falling asleep and waking up some time later and crawling into bed, where I had an awful nights sleep. I woke up every hour, my stomach hurt, I was hot, I was thirsty, I was constantly going to the bathroom, I have awful gas, etc.

The same thing happened last month.

My body HATES sugar and does not respond to it well, yet it craves it. I need a solution. Moderation? Perhaps, but me and moderation don't work well together. I obviously lack self control (two pints of ice cream in three days, remember?!). Is it something I'll just have to deal with every month from now on? This is not something I'm ok with :( At least I'm only weighing myself every 5-6 weeks now and the weight isn't suppose to matter... and I know one night of eating sugar isn't going to cause my body fat percentage to sky rocket like the scale would. I'm working on changing my mindset. But in the mean time, I need a sugar alternative when TOM comes! Any ideas!?

At least I went to the gym this morning and met with my personal trainer. I pushed through it, pain and all. I hope to sweat all this sugar out of me!
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    Have you thought about maybe using Honey, Agave, or even stevia? I know they are all sweet, but maybe it's sugarcane that you don't agree with.

    I found a recipe in a Vegan cookbook that uses Dried fruit, almonds and coconut. i found it on a blog - epicurian vegan called fruity snack balls. That could be something sweet to snack on, and its fruit and no added sugar.
    1580 days ago
    I wish I had some advise for you on that. I get EVERYTHING at that time of the month. I crave, I bloat you name it.

    I am not sure what to do about a sugar alternative. Have you tried drinking fruit juice? Maybe the natural sugar is a better option?
    1581 days ago
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