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spark coach challenge - my water routine

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I count my 24 hours from midnight to midnight...

At night when I go to bed I take a 12oz (375ml) glass of water with me. When I wake up between 2:30-3:30am (cuz I do and have for all my life!) I have about half. If I ate late or had something salty I find I am more thirsty so I drink the whole lot.

6:30 - If I drank half through the night, I finish what's left, refill my glass and drink it 12oz (375ml) - then I can have coffee ( I have 2 cups). If I drank the whole glass in the night, I refill my glass again and drink it.

8ish- I drive to work with a water bottle (24 oz / 750ml) beside me I sip on the way and leave it in my car 12oz (375ml)

At work I fill a glass juice bottle (32oz/1L) with fresh water and fill my small cup from it. By lunch it should be gone (that is by 11:15). If I have a cup of herbal tea at break time I don't count it or coffee toward my water intake.

After lunch I have a cup of tea or refill my bottle, I may not drink the whole thing. - 8oz (250ml)

On my way home from work, I eat an apple and some almonds and drink what is left in my water bottle in the car. 12oz (375ml)

At supper I have at least 1 glass (250ml) most times 2.
If I have a glass of wine, I drink one full glass (250ml) before I do so I can then sip the wine and not guzzle it because I am thirsty. I try to limit my wine to Friday and Saturday nights.

Before bed I have on 8oz (250ml) glass and fill my 12 oz (375ml) glass beside my bed...
That is about 3.2 liters!

and it starts again.

Oh ya, and I pee A LOT! lol

When I am at home I have an old half gallon glass wine jug that I fill in the morning and refill after lunch that I leave on the counter - that is 4 liters/1gal.
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