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Gut feelings

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I am taking my health coaching course and one of the lectures was about being aware, being in sync with just life around you, living in the moment right now, and being aware of opportunities that arise even when you least expect it...because you never know what being present and going with your gut can do for you.

Well, I have had many many many experiences with this and usually, when I go with my gut...things work out just fine.

Sometimes, though, going with your gut feeling is a tough thing, because sometimes it totlaly goes against the grain of other people's agenda's, wishes, life plans, etc. etc.... but ultimately, when your gut is speaking loud enough for you to hear it, in your heart and in your mind....well, how can you ignore it? Especially when it comes to one's happiness?

Anyway....long story short...the day after Thanksgiving, I had friends over.

It could have been a huge thing, but my restraint (and my gut instinct) told me to keep it on the smaller I did.

A bff asked if his brother could come along...I said "sure, why not?" He's single, we have a single lady coming never know!

Well, he didn't come along with his brother. and all I said was "Awe, that is too bad...I like him, he's fun" and we continued on with the night.

The doorbell rang around 9pm... and there he was! Surprise!! How nice!!

It was a fun night....and our drop in surprise visitor and I have crazy connections in my old field from 15 years ago (it happens to be in aviation - yes, I have my degree in Aeronautics... yes, I am full of surprises, now, aren't I !) ;) LOL So of course we started talking about the airport and how he still cannot fathom that we were there at the same time and never met up! He even mentioned a job he needed to fill.

I laughed at this....because I already have 3 part time jobs...and not in the aviation field... and I was a little tipsy... but I did say I would come over and visit him one day and reminisce.

The next day....something was bothering me. It was the job he mentioned.

The next day...same thing. Hubby said to give it a shot...nothing to lose and everything to gain..and if not... I got to see some old haunts from 15 years ago.

So I got his number and shot him a text to set up a quick visit.

And the Wed after Thanksgiving...I visited....and within a half hour of being shown around...I not only got a job offer, but I accepted a job at his facility without hestitation!!!!!

My friend was speechless that I was so thrown off. But how could I NOT be?!?!?! This totally was one of those right place-right time things. Fate throwing 2 people together...and brought about by a gut response because one decided to listen to it.

Crazy huh? emoticon

I start on January 2nd....back on airport where I interned 15 years ago.

So what may you ask, am I doing with my health coaching course???

Well...I am still taking it. I will get my certification, and I will set myself up online and see where it takes me... and on my down time at work (if I have any at all) I can slowly work on my other ideas that haunt me..that might need more fine tuning anyway....and have clients on the side.

Heck...I have to relearn my own dietary needs now that I am 9-5 for the month of January,...and whatever shift I happen to be for every month afterward.... i get to refocus on family nutrition for the full time working mom (something I was, but was not, all at the same time) and with that....I can help other people relearn their nutrition as well.

I can spin anything into a positive... yeah...I got a gift for that emoticon

But I digress.... now that the2 weeks are over and I am officially out of my other profession (retired, I guess)... now I can relax and focus on one job. My other direct selling business, while I like it, will be on a totally exclusive basis...I have 2 shows set up for the next 2 months...and invested in a new catalog...but that is as far as I am going...we have to see if I even want or have time to do that. But it was good and fun while it lasted! The extra cash came in handy! It actually helped since one part time office job kept cutting hours on a weekly basis..but my kids want me at home at night, thus why 3 jobs were not that ideal for me...and quite stressful when I realy look back on it. Another reason why I jumped at the steady job!

My gut is now telling me that I certainly have a new adventure in front of me...I have to basically relearn my degree - well, more like "refresh" it since all of the info is still tucked away in my brain somewhere. .. and I could possibly finish up my pilot's license in the next year or two (yup, I just threw you another bit of curveball knowledge - I have 56 hours towards it...then I met my husband...the rest is history!) LOL

My gut also tells me that this new adventure might be the best thing I have ever stumbled upon....people's reactions to my news has certainly been interesting: "Now you can finish what you started" and "Back where you belong" and "Your face lit up when he mentioned the job". I am amazed at other people's observations of me....because I never see/saw myself as being a solid entity..but rather as a helper that floats around and is passed over as "just being there".

Wish me luck!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Excellent news! Just think of the many events of 2013 that led to this spur-of-the-moment decision. That's serendipity!
    1643 days ago
  • DALID414
    Good luck!
    1644 days ago
    Congratulations! What an awesome opportunity!
    1645 days ago
    Gotta go with your gut! Good luck in your new job in the new year. Sounds like a great opportunity for you.
    1645 days ago
    I'm speechless! You seem to be really in-tune with your "gut feelings." Congratulations on the new direction your life is taking, sounds like a win-win situation to me. Looks like the New Year is full of endless possibilities for you.
    1645 days ago
    How awesome. I always feel a burst of energy reading your blogs.You have quite the diverse skill set. You are amazing!

    Best of luck to you. I can't wait to hear how this plays out!

    1645 days ago
  • NESHAMA123
    I absolutely LOVED your blog. It is amazing how things fall into place and I appreciated your sharing about listening to that inner voice, or gut. I have worked for many years as a social worker (now nonprofit executive director) but have thoughts of going back to school to study holistic health and nutritional coaching.

    All the best to you on your new adventure in 2014!
    1645 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I wish you well in your new job. You sound happy to be changing and returning to a field that you like. Plus, having one steady job verses 3 part time jobs has got to be less stressful. I stayed away from my teaching job for 15 years to raise kids. When I returned I had to relearn Spanish skills but they easily came back. I think you will find the same thing.

    I am excited for you in your new adventure. Good for you listening to your gut!

    emoticon emoticon
    1645 days ago
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