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Day 175: Why I LOVE SparkPeople

Friday, December 20, 2013

You know, I've definitely had many doubt-filled days, both before and after joining SparkPeople in June of this year. However, those days seem to be fewer since joining and I'm pretty sure I know why...

Today has been a very off day for me. I haven't seen a loss in over 3 weeks and I've been to the gym the past 4 out of 6 days. Feeling discouraged, I posted about it, and a friend's (STEPH-KNEE) kind words of encouragement made me feel A MILLION times better than I had before, and I would have never had that if not for SP!

When I've tried to lose weight before, I've always been able to talk myself out of it, saying I most definitely would never reach my goals. Now, I'm accountable to more than just myself - there is an entire network of people who know me (at least the internet version of me) and are cheering for me and wanting to see me succeed. Not only can I not quit on myself, I cannot quit on the friends that I've made.

Having the ability to make Spark Friends and get to know others who are struggling with the same things is amazing. You constantly feel like there is someone who has been where you are or can at least empathize with what you're dealing with. Meeting new people and reading their stories has not only motivated me but has also given me fuel to keep fighting instead of allowing me to dowse my fire with self-pity and negative self-talk. SparkPeople has not only given me motivation and has introduced me to other motivators, but has shown me that I, too, can motivate others and be an inspiration. I cannot even believe the amount of confidence I've gained in these 5 short months, and how much more knowledge I now have about leading a healthier lifestyle.

So this is a blog for everyone on this wonderful website who I've gotten to know at least a little thus far - you have touched my life. I want to take this experience and say that in this next year, one of my resolutions is to be better connected to my Spark Friends. Without all of you, I would likely still be 255 pounds and would have spent the night plotting all the desserts I would consume tomorrow at our family Christmas party. Instead, I'm about to go relax with a glass of water and a Kindle book about a fat girl who ran the Boston marathon.

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