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Owl Prowl

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Went out snow shoeing tonight to see if we could spot some owls. My brother claims there is a pair hunting along the field edge. Jeremy, his friends, and I set out around 8pm through the woods. (Yes snow shoeing at night is a VERY different experience... I was nervous at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.) Jeremy's friend, Priscilla, has a very good owl call, so we would stop every now and then and let her call. We were just about to the point of giving up for the night when who should come sweeping through the trees... an owl! At first we thought it might be one of the great horned owls, but upon closer examination the consensus was that it was a barred owl. We debated between a barn owl and a barred owl, but the stripes made us think it was a barred owl. No other owls came to visit us, even though we went down the ridge away from the ravine to the edge of the back field (the old hay field). We gave up and zig zagged cross lots across the field on our way back to the house. Then as Jeremy's friends were giving me and Cooper a ride a home a little screech owl flew in front of the car! So, two owl sightings tonight.

It was warm tonight (37F), and it is supposed to be warmer the next couple days with a soaking rain on Sunday, so we might not get much snow shoeing in until we get a fresh batch of snow. It was border line conditions tonight with the snow so heavy, and my snow shoes kept icing up. I just hope we don't get all that much rain so there won't be too much flooding.

I had dinner with mom and dad tonight. I made them a pork stir fry, that turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Dad had some of the molasses cookies I baked the other night for his dessert. Mom tried one too and said they were really good. Of course my dad all the rest of the cookies over the course of the evening. My niece and her friend make a nice dinner for my aunt on Thursdays and deliver it to her when she gets home from work. Tonight they made her a potato and bacon casserole type meal with apple and tangerine pieces for dessert.

It was a busier day for me than usual, as I also did some grocery shopping (mine and mom's), and took the dog for 1 long walk and 2 short walks, plus dinner and snow shoeing. I didn't make it home until well after 10pm. I am usually settled in for the night well before that. It is time for a glass of wine, and some brie and crackers and raspberries, while I cuddle with the dog and finish my book. A nice finish to a lovely day!
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