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Our Walk in the Woods...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today was quite the eventful day! After weight watchers, my childhood friend Anna, came and picked me up so we could spend the rest of the day together. She is here from Las Vegas. She comes twice a year....a month in July and part of December. She is quite lucky. Her husband is a college professor at one of their universities therefore, they have the luxury of travel.

I was a tad apprehensive. I was already preparing what I would do when presented with food options. I am seriously trying to maintain during the holiday season. That all seems to go out the window when Anna is in town. Yes, we do enjoy the time together..but...we also seem to indulge in food and!

Her parents are well and such a joy to see! Anna, her parents and siblings....have always been like my second family. We have been best friends since the 5th grade. It is true, your first TRUE best friend is your friend for life. You will never have one like that again....never. I lived about 5 minute walking distance till high school when we moved. I was always over there...ALWAYS. I was included in EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING.

Anna and her mother had a nice....and shockingly very point friendly SPREAD laid out when I arrived.

Anna.......couldn't wait to to INFORM me...that she joined weight watchers one week prior to coming to Michigan. She joined because of me. She finally decided she was ready and did not wait for January.

I was flattered, but stressed it should be because of her and not me.

NOPE......because of me and all that I say and write about my meetings. She said I was contagious.

We talked SHOP! for awhile. Anna wanted advice...what did I advise the most?

I thought for awhile and chose my words carefully........

I told her that I have a lot of friends that have joined/rejoined weight watchers because of my words. I have had many also express that they quit or would go back...IF they had meetings like mine.

Yes, my meetings are special...yes...I am lucky to have the leaders that I do.....HOWEVER.......

I am at my meeting....someone else is at my meeting...........we both get something different out of it......or ...that other gets nothing out of it....yet...I still DID. It is perspective.

I also have several friends that go to a different meeting...different state. The subject matter 98% of the time is the same meeting. YET..they did NOT get out of it ...what I did. We discuss and then they see....didn't realize.....didn't take it to heart. It is perspective.

I warned Anna..that she has to go in with an open mind...and yes.....heart. So many USE leaders or the topic as blame everything...anyone else...why ...they don't go. THEY WOULD...BUT......

But nothing.

I advise she sit near the front.....and try to get her own personal setting her bag down on the chair next to her. Sometimes when people sit too close to get distracted. Sometimes if you sit in the back of the get distracted with others talking amongst themselves. I told her that EVEN if the topic seemed like nonsense to you.......don't dismiss it. Think about it.....for later on when you LEAST expect hits you. You may not be in the meeting at times, but the meeting is still in you.

She is excited.....and I was/am happy for her.

After eating and visiting.....Anna and I took her parents' dog out for a walk.

I was horrified....beyond their back yard USE to be the WOODS....I mean...MASSIVE woods. We use to spend so much of our childhood walking it. We use to hurry and get our homework done so we could go out there. So many of our secrets, dreams, fears were expressed out there. We even had a stream would would reach and just sit. Anna would read...and I would write in a notebook. It was our quiet time. Anna hated to write and I hated to read! LOL!


In it's place...was subdivision upon subdivision!

Found out ....that about 20 or so years ago......the land was sold and developers came in you have HUGE dwellings with hardly any yard taking our sanctionary. I was heart broken.

I thought of our walks....I thought of the snowmobiling and sledding in the Winter.....and.....I was applaud.

Instantly, I thought of a story I once wrote about the water in its cool crisp clean cradle gently cascading over the rocks as it continued on its journey. (HEY...what can I say? I probably wrote that romanticised description when I was 13!). I remember that I ended the story with that our walk in the woods was over, but the mind journey never ends. AND truly became a mind journey and not a physical one anymore.

I felt .....haunted with such sadness that I could barely do our walk.

When it was time to leave, Anna's mother made the comment that it was TRULY like old was dark and time for me to go home.

I have never been one for the past. I just haven't been. I believe in good memories and loved ones, but I never really truly GO BACK THERE.

Today....I did.

And was the past that was brought forward to the present....... felt good.

I am so looking forward to 2014.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just love how you put that ! Well said. I think our health, our mindset, our happiness is all in how we perceive it and we have a choice. We always have choices and for that I am grateful. TC
    2589 days ago
    I got a lot out of the Meeting we were going to.
    I also feel up Front is best, if your easily distracted.
    We had a few talkers, but out Leader was Spot on to say something, without embarrassing someone.
    Althou one lady came in Late, like last 5 min of class.
    The Leader stopped talking and said, Go ahead and weigh in, (up front)
    the gal said No I will wait until your through .....with your class.
    I could almost see the hairs on the Leaders neck going up.
    You could tell she was very annoyed with not only her coming through ....her class room, which causes disruption, but then they sort of went back and forth.
    The gal quit after that episode.

    I really like the info and testimonials from members.

    2589 days ago
    How awesome that you influenced your friend to join WW. I know that my best meetings were the ones I attended with my friends. The meetings are different now, but I really like my leader, and we are a small encouraging group.
    2589 days ago
    Just what I needed to read about today. Thanks!
    2590 days ago
    Awe what a wonderful blog! Yea!
    2590 days ago
    Very good advice for your friend! emoticon
    2590 days ago
    Good for you.

    Having been a WW member and a Leader for over 5 years - you described the whole meeting issue (right down to where to sit) to a T!! Excellent information for any WW prospect you come across!!

    Keep up the good work!
    2590 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2590 days ago
    2590 days ago
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