Johnny ' s coming to yule ball.... :-D

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Few hours before the gala at the great hall..... emoticon

Dolly has been getting lyrics,pictures of johnny denver, "come and be mine... follow the rainbow and the stars above" borrowing to tune of dreamland express. emoticon

Chelsea who has been busy as a hostess of her table group, looked at the hall wondered if peeves has been playing tricks in her mind. She has been hearing certain lyrics of eagle and the hawk" share in the freedom I feel when I fly.." and sat at the chair, sighed long week.

the baron comes," miss chelsea why so glum do you not have a date? , i would be happy to escort you. " Chelsea happy to see someone, too quiet at great hall, "oh baron, I have a date thanks.... a song I keep hearing not sure why."  Touch puzzled..

Mary Ravenclaw, helper of professor dumbledore, doing a secert errand for her sister. She 
goes out the to the path to village, pauses look at the beautiful blue sky light winter day, look at the information scroll, ( Look for an eagle symbol on him-- may show up on his soul or symbol he wears, songs he sings or even a patronus charm. ?.. or changes to an eagle.....etc.) emoticon

Meanwhile high up at the canyons, the mystrious vistor, who has certain healing powers besides music, files towards Hogwarts castle, he has been there before professor dumblodre is an old friend. He gets a telephically message from his worker in another relam, " Follow that lady with the blue cape walking away from the castle--you'll know which one. Remember an image I sent to you..." (a goalie at quiche tic hitch ) the flyer nods thanking for the message. 

Mary wonders when dollys date is coming she can sense her sister stress level bit highter only because dolly is tired of waiting..... she senses someone coming above, to look at the beautiful blue sky light winter day, like in Colorado mountains, sees a eagle flying down towards her.

Mary was about to duck when she received a telepathic visual, he turns into a human form, smiling at her,"don't worry, I'm your sister's date."

Mary grinned, " look I think send a note to little sis...er darling.... she worry if no repley. He asked her, " Hmm. Why don't I fly to her window? "  emoticon

Chelsea and dolly goes to chelsea's room. chelsea notices an eagle flying close by "dolly there an eagle hovering at the Window and a scroll. Wonder why?"

The Eagle replied vioce "Please open the door and don't tell who I am to her, Mary has a surprise for little sis.... er darling...shhh" 
Chelsea shocked when saw the eagle eye into a soul revaels john denver himself! emoticon emoticon
(All pictures songs etc and copyrights goes to the owners) 

She recovers enough to keep her mouth shut and does her nature science mode, is brave enough to open the Window and magically a bird glove appers on her hand so that the eagle flying in towards chelsea lands gently on her hand.

Dolly looks at the eagle, bit scread, eagle replies,"don't worry note from y o u r date" Dolly gets the note on his leg, and the eagle flies off.

Chelsea goes to close the window looking at eagle flying off, says, stunned by the eagle' spirit, "Wow what a beautiful eagle that is..... oh yeah the note what does it say." Dolly goes next to her, agreeing,"nature is amazing. My native American side would agree with you."

Dolly opens the note emoticon , "Sorry for being a bit late repleying, I am coming to see you at t he gala at hogwarts! Come and be mine.....
Follow the notes......   emoticon
. from a fella who got the ladies under a spelll......"  emoticon

(All pictures songs etc and copyrights goes to the owners) 

Chelsea only laughed excited for her friend wow!! He really coming oh man can't to see who he is...... gotta go don't want be behind on hostess duties!" Waved laughting hugging her, running out.  emoticon emoticon emoticon  part t hree????? 
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