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We SHOULD have the freedom to express our views when given an opportunity.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I would like to say. 1. The people of this country have lost their voice in government. 2. The people of this country have lost their voice in this country. 3. I believe being addicted to (and you fill in your blank) is a sin.(yes,I sin) 4. I believe eating unhealthy, on.. is a sin. (yes, I sin) 5. I believe that NOT helping someone when you can and you know you should is a sin.( guilty as charged) 6. I believe that thinking badly of another person is a sin.( yes, I sin) 7. I believe calling another person an "idiot" is a sin. 8. I believe Phil Robertson is right... 8.2 I believe Phil Robertson was wrong. 9. I believe we SHOULD have the freedom to express our views when given an opportunity. 10. I believe there's too much judgement and not enough love being shared in our world. 11. I believe we should stop pointing the finger....period. That goes for ALL people.
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  • LOSER05
    you got that right...this isn't the country my Husband fought in Vietnam for. I personally think its become a communist country, you cant say this ,you cant say that because your offending someone..Jesus cant be put in public places anymore because their offended.are you kidding me...Im sick of it! go to their country and say the crap that gets said here and they will throw you out of their country.
    1643 days ago
    I'm not sure I understand the comments about the government. They don't seem to be a party to this issue.

    Really can sum it up two themes:

    1) Robertson was able to exercise free speech.

    2) There were consequences of #1

    The freedom to exercise free speech was not limited or suppressed by anyone.

    I don't agree with Robertson's viewpoint, but a lot of folks do. For me, I just end up with a disagreement, no right or wrong. Also, I mirror the pope in "who am I to judge...".

    In this particular circumstance, I would have left this issue to the viewers. But, in no way can I fault A&E for taking the action they did. I think they are entitled to take action. Even if I might not have taken the same action, I admire a company that is willing to do away with the "golden egg". It's either very brave, or the greatest marketing ploy in a long time.
    1645 days ago
    I don't think Linda watches the news or reads online news or newspaper. I'm with you on all that Alan. It's another Paula Dean Saga.
    1645 days ago
    Yes, I agree.......I also agree that ALL of us are sinners in some way, after all, we are human, and Jesus had to die to save us! I also agree that the Duck Dynasty guy had the right and some would say, the obligation to say what he did, as those are the views of our God and the Bible clearly tells us this, in no uncertain terms, which things are an "abomination unto God". We are called upon to follow the ways of Jesus and try to bring as many believers into the fold as possible. Our lives are our chance to do that work. The problem is, the government and society as a whole is quickly heading down the drain just like the Bible predicted would happen. People need to understand what is happening in the world, and there is a book that tells them. Their guide for life and living is there, if they would just pick it up and read it! emoticon emoticon
    1645 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have no clue who this guy is,, (a duck hunter??)or the tv program,, but the "Adolf Administration" needs to be voted out when people who voted it in, wake up.

    We have to accept other people's how other people are, BUT we do not have to tolerate UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!
    1645 days ago
    I have no issues with Phil expressing his views (basic right of all Americans). I don't happen to agree with his viewpoint, but again, that is my right. The slippery slope is all about $$$ -- there is Phil the person and Phil the part of the DD franchise. Sadly, Phil's views, rightly or wrongly, got intertwined with the DD franchise.

    1645 days ago
    We should have the right to express our views. As far as Phil being suspended, we also can make up our own minds whether to watch Duck Dynasty or not. If people are offended they don't have to watch.
    1646 days ago
    1646 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Thought provoking blog, got me thinking this morning. Thanks for the mental exercise! Have a great day!
    1646 days ago
    Totally agree. I sin too.
    1646 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    1646 days ago
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