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Day 748- My SparkFriends are the BEST

Thursday, December 19, 2013

SparkFriends, you are always here right when I need you.

I have been going through a very stressful time due to a lot of changes at work that I'd rather not discuss. I've been dealing with this stress very poorly in the nutrition department. That coupled with my school's gym being closed over break has led me to a 181.2 on the scale this morning. A 5 pound gain since last week! I realize a lot of this is water and sodium, especially since my size 10s still fit and my 12s are still loose. But still, nothing like that kind of shock to truly wake you up and say, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING.

Not to mention, I constantly feel the need to stay honest and accountable for all of you because you mean so much to me. You telling me I'm an inspiration and success make me realize I can't revert back to old habits, even in the most stressful of times.

So here I am, back on track, saying no to the cookies and candy in my office today. And yes to good choices. Tomorrow, I start a 16 day break that will hopefully alleviate my stress and allow me to focus on my time with friends and family. I also hope to watch my nutrition and get some exercise in at a local gym that is letting me do a 7 visit pass for their "weekly guest rate" even though it will actually be over a 2 week period.

I just wanted to let you know that I slipped a bit, but all your comments and kind words are wonderful reminders of why I'm here.

So thank you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    918 days ago
    Keep up the good work! This is not just about you but also making sure we all stick to our goals and maintain the course. You are an inspiration to everyone that has a lot to loose and a long time to do it. The more you have to loose the longer is takes but the most rewarding and valuable emoticon emoticon to everyone to show it can happen. I hope you keep your pace and stay active at the gym! emoticon
    1584 days ago
  • RURAL3
    No beat-ups Just get-ups
    1585 days ago
    Everything will be all right! We all have weeks like that.
    1586 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1586 days ago
    Stress is one of the hardest things to deal with. We all have to learn to deal with it with out using food. Just remember food is fuel.

    You are going to be fine. Happy thoughts being sent your way.

    1586 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1586 days ago
    There is nothing you can't do. The mind first, the heart second... The right decisions will follow, I mean, you size 10;s (ten's ) fit... How cool is THAT????
    1587 days ago
    A slip up is just a bump on the roller coaster of weight loss. Good luck! You are doing great!
    1587 days ago
    you are still an inspiration to us admitting the gain it happens but you are conscious so it will be fine keep pushing you can do it
    1587 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    We all slip up at times. We are here for each other in time like this to lift one another up.
    . You are a great Motivator and Inspiration to Everyone. Even with this Blog. When You are off the next two weeks relax and enjoy being with the Family and Friends and working out in the Gym. You Can Do It. WTG!!! Keep Sparking!!! Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jesus is the Reason for the Christmas Season. May the Coming New Year be very Successful for You.
    1587 days ago

    Good for you, for catching and policing yourself. I know that you don't want to go back to the way it was before, and I don't either. You're an amazing young woman, who can do anything you set your mind to.

    You're BRAVE!!! Fessing up to the entire world! I feel that when I make a mistake, I'm not perfect, I see my sister staring me down, and putting her foot on my neck. Now she really isn't that way, but when I was growing up, she was so over bearing, that it stifled who I felt like I should have been. However, God turned that around for His glory and for my good. I mean, look at me NOW!!! Thank you, GOD!!! Keep up the good work, and I'm rooting for you to meet all of your goals!!! emoticon

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1587 days ago
    We are all rooting for you. Just remember that when we are under stressful situation the famous quotation:" this too shall pass" could be very useful when repeated to ourselves. You are a true inspiration. Continue the great work. emoticon emoticon
    1587 days ago
    We all do
    1587 days ago
    I'm glad things are on the up swing for you.. Sorry for bombarding you with my issues when it seems like you could have really used a friend to listen instead, anyway thanks for listening to my complaining the last month or so..
    1587 days ago
    Don't stress too much about the gain! You'll be back down in no time and enjoy your time off! I work at a University and am also off as of tomorrow... can't wait for the 2 weeks off! Time to relax, get focused, and enjoy the holiday with family and friends!
    1587 days ago
    I'm petrifide to step on the scale and have been avoiding the gym because of it. But tonight I have to face my slip up and try again. It's just so comfortable going back to my unhealthy habits. Thanks for sharing your plan for moving forward as well!
    1587 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Work place stress is tough because other than get through it there is often little that can be done. I am glad that 5 lb. water and sodium gain is scaring you into being more careful. Right now I am scared to get on the scale as a similar gain is waiting to greet me as well but tomorrow I will get it done. I need a good scare so I quit grazing.
    1587 days ago
    The rec center is closed at the university, I'm doing online workouts instead. Hope that helps.
    1587 days ago
    Just hang to your positive attitude and you will do fine!! I am struggling also --trying to get into healthy habits and losing weight or at least not gaining before Jan 2 2014--so I can get a least a small jump start on the year ahead and I think the holidays are a struggle for a lot of people to stay on track--Hang in there --You can do it!!!
    1587 days ago
    I'm struggling with a gain as well.. Haven't lost anything in 3 weeks and it's so frustrating for me. I never know whether or not to update the weight thing back to where I am as I weigh in every week, or just to leave it until I actually lose again... I just hate knowing that I've lost and now I've gained back. Even knowing that weight fluctuates daily has me discouraged. It's friends like you that help me keep faith in the process, so thank you for sharing!
    1587 days ago
  • THOMS1
    You will do fine just don't let it get the best of you. Use the gym to its fullest extenct and stay away from that junk food and you will lose that 5 lbs in know time. Have a great holiday!!! emoticon
    1587 days ago
    You're doing great!! We all have slip ups big or small. But it's how we respond to these that shows how far we have really come. You're getting up and moving forward that is a big step!! It's easier to wallow on the ground and feel sorry for ourselves but you're choosing the better way!! You'll reign it in an do great!!! Keep up the hard work! It won't be easy (as you already know) but it'll be worth it (as you also already know)!

    1587 days ago
    You've been doing great. Keep it up and keep with the positive attitude.
    1587 days ago
    Your head is on straight, so the rest will follow. Keep up the good work! xoxoxo
    1587 days ago
    1587 days ago
    Your honesty with all of us is refreshing. I think we all slip but not all of us are willing to admit it (ie: ME) I was sailing along great until an injury and I find myself 15 lbs heavier and having trouble getting back on track. Wish I would have happened on your blog sooner. I actually got depressed and quit looking at Spark People for quite a while, so thanks for being here for us. Thanks for being that inspiration. Seeing your pictures and your smiling face lifts my day , thanks!
    1587 days ago
    You can do it!! Remember nobody is perfect. There are always slips.
    1587 days ago
  • CMGREY14
    I have been following your blog when they are on the spark email. I recently subscribed to it. You are an inspiration to me and I find what you say motivating. This blog is no exception. Have a great holiday break!
    1587 days ago
    Hope you like the local gym
    1587 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    1587 days ago
    I hope you have a great break from it all and come back refreshed, renewed and revived!
    1587 days ago
    If anyone can get and stay back on track, it's you. You ARE an inspiration to us all!
    1587 days ago
    It's ok to slip now and then, it's part of being human. It's how you react to those slips that makes you an inspiration! Take advantage of the break to destress and relax a bit, you've earn it! Perhaps some yoga while you're on break to help you stay limber and relieve some of the stress you've been dealing with? It's great that your local gym will let you spread the 7 visits out, that's very nice of them! Have a wonderful break!
    1588 days ago
    Sweet Angel Girl, we are here to support each other. We all are human. We slip up and then get right back on track. You are doing awesome. Don't be so hard on yourself just do the best you know how. You CAN do this and you will.
    God Bless,
    Kathy emoticon emoticon
    1588 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    1588 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1588 days ago
    That's why we are all here, so we can lift each other up when we do slip up. You're doing great!
    1588 days ago
    You being human and showing that you slip up makes you even more of an inspiration. You truly are a special person and someone I look up to. It takes alot for people to admit they ate cookies and candy. I know it is for me. Thanks for being real. :)
    1588 days ago
    I think we all slip now and then, as long as we get back on the right track and not give up, we will be alright. Hang in there!!!!!!!!
    1588 days ago
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