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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ugh so today my parents decided that my fiance wants to sell my stuff. They wanted to know what all I was taking with me on my move out of their house, and then specifically asked about my instruments. Why wouldn't I take them? Well I better not sell them. Why would I sell them? My fiance will, apparently.

According to them he wants to sell my stuff. He doesn't mention it when I am around, only when they are. They can't say when he said this, just when I am not around. They can't say what he is selling, just anything that is mine. Like what specifically? Anything that is mine. Who is he selling all of these things to? They don't know, but he is always on the phone with them.

I have nothing for him to sell, unless he plans on selling the clothes off my back. This isn't the first random thing they have against him. Apparently he is also mean to my dog. Only when I am not around, that is why I don't see it. I don't know when he is around my dog without me, and if he is so mean then why the hell does the dog go to him?

This dog has a history of abuse and will not go toward any man, but he will go to my fiance and has never once even flinched away from him. The dog hides from my uncle because 3 years ago he yelled at him. It doesn't make sense that he has such a fear for these other people who have done things to him years after the fact, but will run towards my fiance when he is supposedly mean to him when I am not around. Can anyone explain that?

It's funny, because months ago I went through my old things and tried to throw them away and donate them to charity. Things like old McDonald's toys and books that I didn't like. My dad would not let me because HE wants to sell it, and why am I trying to get rid of my stuff anyway? I need that! I think they blamed my fiance for it, and that this whole confrontation is that coming back again.

My parents are hoarders. Not an exaggeration, they really have a problem, and I got rid of stuff simply because I don't use it, will never use it, and I don't have room for the things I did want to keep or have in storage. Also, I do not want to be like them (but I am terrified my dad will sell the things I did want because he put the stuff I threw away in boxes next to the good things.)

I don't know what to do. It reminds me of high school. One of my friends accidentally insulted my dad (it was a perceived slight.) Up until then she was a great girl, but after that my dad started making things up about what she would say when I wasn't around (I guess they were psychic since they were never around her except when we were at my house together.)

When I didn't stop being friends with her, they forbade me to talk to her or hang out with her. In the end I just lied to them and stayed friends with her. She was a nice person. This feels like the same thing, but I don't know what caused it. Anyway I don't feel like doing anything now, I'm too angry.

Sorry for the rant.
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  • TINY67
    All I can say is, Good Luck.
    1647 days ago
    Gosh! I am so sorry you are going thru this. Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts! You are your own person and when you and your fiancée go out on your own , your parents will have to realize that they have a grown daughter who needs to take care of herself.

    Take Care
    1647 days ago
    Yikes ---don't even know what to think...... what a dilemma...glad you could rant and get it out though.
    1648 days ago
    Gosh I'm SO sorry you are having to deal with this. It's such a hard time of the year right now and to have inner turmoil with your parents and your fiancé must be ROTTEN!

    I'm sending you lots of white light and love for your protection. You are your own person...I hope you can make your parents realize that. We all have to let go at some point and it sounds like they are having a real problem doing this.

    Hugs to you...always know that you can safely RANT anytime here...you are amongst friends! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1648 days ago
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