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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Did you know that your brain can remember over 50,000 scents? Especially the bad ones! When I spent 13 months of "vacation time in half of a beautiful ocean-front country in Southeast Asia, I had to change my hygienic routine and my eating habits.

I couldn't brush my teeth with anything flavored, I couldn't shower and use most soaps, I had to quit using deodorant and I had to include a lot more fish in my diet.

Why, because another person cam smell what you have used to clean yourself with and can determine a person's general home by how they smell. My men, instead of calling me "The Old Man", called me the "Boss Nose". When we were moving upwind, I could smell a Vietnamese person and generally tell if he was a villager or a VC. Sometimes I could tell the difference between groups that had women with them or not.

The natural odor of a human body can be disguised, but not if you use anything scented to wash with, or good tasting paste or After Shave/Cologne.

I started taking my filthy uniforms to the laundry in the local village and had them starched. No, I didn't have them starched because I wanted them pressed to impress my colonel when he came out in the boonies, I wanted to have them starched because the local laundry lady used rice starch. When I came down the trail and surprised my interpreter and he said, "I think you be Vietnamese. You smell like rice", I knew that I had a good, neutral scent. When my guys were told this by my interpreter, that laundry lady had so much business she quit working for the Village Chief and hired an assistant.

Being able to smell someone coming proved very helpful more than twice.

Most non-smokers can smell tobacco smoke for a day after it has been put out - outside. If I go into a home where someone is a smoker, I can smell smoke on my cloths the next day.

Women, in general, have more scent glands than do men, and while we all lose our ability to differentiate scents, women usually keep their sense of smell longer than do men - unless they have been a smoker.

Maybe that's why women like to have men smell more like a flower.

The average American consumes 14,820 pounds of meat over their lifetime. I'm not normal, I know I passed 15,000 pounds at least seven years ago.

Did you know that a crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth! Of all the stupid studies that are performed by our government (the latest being a study to determine if cattle are getting skinnier), I'd think a study about how we could grow new teeth to replace the ones cavities and accidents have taken would be much more important. Besides, skinny cattle have lots lower cholesterol!

DYK? A group of geese on the ground is a gaggle, but a group of geese in the air is a skein!

I really don't care if they are walking or flying. Wherever they are, they're a mess! When walking in an area frequented by geese, I try to take a little care as to where I walk. If I'm in an area that is under a geese flyway, I try to stay under some sort of protection. Goose poop makes a great mixer for IED's. That has to be an instinctual realization the first time you smell an area populated by geese.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fascinating information !
    2534 days ago
    @PAM - Ha! that's the soap we used, too. Girlfriends, wives and mom's were very curious when we wrote home and asked for it in a goody box. We got the same reaction when we asked for some Avon unscented skin lotion. That was even a more affective "bug off" than Ivory soap. It even kept leeches off.
    2534 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Thought provoking!
    2535 days ago
    Very entertaining Pops. Actually research into what on the surface seems strange often combined with other studies improve the lives of humans and animals. It often increases food production and the nutrient content of the foods we eat. It can even help with life improving and saving medicines and techniques. I for one would be very interested n knowing if there is something "we" are doing that cause cattle to be skinnier.
    Just sayin'!
    2535 days ago
    Learned quite a few things today!!!! emoticon
    2535 days ago
  • SAL1512
    Had fun reading your blog and along the way I learned a few things.
    Sally emoticon
    2536 days ago
    I love this! Thanks for sharing, and it really made me smile. My late husband (10 years this month) was an, 'all things Popeye' collector. He loved it and took the children, they were toddlers back then, and I to Chester IL each year for the annual Popeye festivities and parade.
    2536 days ago
    Very cool info. I think I like a little bit of weirdness now and then. :)

    2536 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6307291
    So glad you helped the local economy while helping protect yourself. Never thought of rice starch. I'll have to ask Don. Definitely one place he would NOT like to go back for "vacation" again. And I'll bet your geese know our geese.. Wish they'd leave their mess somewhere else- I had mid fairway goose latrines.
    2536 days ago
    I'm not surprised. My brother and nephew smoke. I can tell which is which when they walk in the door just by their smell alone. Frankly, I think my brother needs to see a doctor. His scent has changed lately. A little too sweet to be good in a family with 3+ generations of diabetes.
    2536 days ago
    Great info! That was a fun read!
    2536 days ago
    Love the information about your time in SE Asia. I can so understand. I used to lead canoe trips & such into the bush. One of the things on the 'list' for people to take for the trip was Ivory soap...unscented, non-fancy, Ivory. It helped reduce the attraction to mosquitoes & black flies. So...I can only imagine the impact of ensuring that you didn't 'smell' like yourself.
    2536 days ago
    my brain is ready to explode! lol really cool stuff there Popeye!
    2536 days ago
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