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Refocusing with NEW Tools!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So for the past couple of weeks my routine has been more off and on than I'd like. I've been decent with sticking to my food plan, but my exercise hasn't been as consistent. With my new school and work schedule, I really HAVE to get up on time in order to stay on schedule throughout the day. When I get off schedule something unfortunately gets bumped off the to-do list, and unfortunately that something is usually my workout. It's not something I do on purpose, but work for school and work for clients has to be completed by deadlines. When I try to fit working out into an already tight, off-schedule day I usually don't give it my all, skimp and cheat on movements and end up rushing myself because I'm stressed that I won't have time to finish everything.

But I'm on a mission to correct that issue. Tomorrow is my regular weigh-in day, and despite the debacle of last week's weigh-in (both my old scale and the Wii Fit giving me every wrong measurement under the sun), I'm excited to finally be able to get a more accurate measurement and get back on track!

Actually, tomorrow will allow me to take some measurements I wasn't previously able to take, including body fat %, visceral fat level (the fat around the vital organs), skeletal muscle % and even BMR! As an early start to the holidays I treated myself to a few new health & fitness related toys. I figure if you're going to spend money, it might as well be on something to support your health goals right? So I am the proud owner of a new body composition scale, a new digital tape measure (for more accurate measurements of my waist, bust, hips, thigh and upper arm) and the Spark Activity Tracker! I've spent tonight setting everything up so that I can enjoy a slightly more effortless weigh-in and measure-in tomorrow. Everything came just in time too! Tomorrow is the day in the month when I take all measurements, so now I'll be able to start tracking a few for the first time and will be able to complete the process more easily. As tempting as it is to try out the new scale tonight, I will hold off and wait until the proper time tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is also treadmill day, and I've been concerned for a while that our treadmill isn't accurately reporting the number of calories I'm burning. The problem is that I can't tell whether I'm burning more or less than what the display reports. So it will be nice for the Spark Activity Tracker to figure all of that out! I realize they will still be estimates, but they'll likely be closer than what I was getting before. I also won't need to hold on to the handles as much, so I can get more from the workout!

Super excited about my new toys and excited to take my weight and other measurements tomorrow. I'm not expecting a huge amount of progress as I have been less consistent this past couple of weeks, but if I've lost even 1 lb since last week I'll be a happy camper. I'm getting close to that point in the process where you start to plateau. I'm already working on ways to push through it, but my measurements being off has not helped. At least now I'll have a more accurate picture of where I stand and how much work I need to put in each week to continue seeing the 2 to 3 lbs of weight loss per week I was experiencing before.

So nervous, but also excited! As they say, knowing is half the battle right? :)
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