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Holiday Half - Personal Record Achieved (pix added)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

emoticonTime: 4:02:06 Pace 18:11 emoticon

I woke up at 4:30 am feeling strong and that I had this Holiday Half I got this feeling inside that was strong. A few weeks I blogged on how not prepared I was for this and not knowing if I even wanted to but my best friend reminded me he had signed up because I did (guilt card all the way) He told me he believed in me and that I had to do the same and just get back into training. I had less then two weeks to start the first week i got about 16 miles in and last week I got 30 miles in during practice. I couldn't believe it. All week I kept telling myself I had this. My last run before the half was on Friday I walk/ran 7 miles and felt good a little tired but knew if i could run/walk i had a chance of doing something... I kept my positive mantra saturday got my gear ready and then as stated when i woke up i felt ready!

We got to the Addidas campus in Portland early so we could find parking we got to the gym and enjoyed being around other runners I was soaking in the festivities people in their holiday wears and costumes. We got out to the race start area and there was a little bit of delay but we hear the horn go and we were off.

Mile 1 - I completed in 16:42 I walked quick and ran as well we ran through neighborhoods dressed up in holiday flare as well

Mile 2 - Started by a school and some families were outside of their homes as we ran right past their home completed it in 17:42.

Mile 3 - Completed in 17:32 brought us along the Willamette Blvd which down below was the clifs you can see the Willamette River and the more neighborhoods which were beautiful.

Miles 4 thru 6 we went through the university blocks again I was soaking up the atmosphere and pushing through as this is the school my little brother and his best friend attented. I could feel my momentum moving from mile 4 thru 6 my times:
Mile 4-18:00 Mile 5 -16:57 & Mile 6 -17:27 as i was run/walking some of the faster packs were returning and so we were side by side and they were cheering me on and high fiving me to keep going; got my water and heard carolors on the side of the street.

Mile 7 - would i ever get there the turn around it sure looked smaller on the map by now i was on my own some runners were on the return but the cop said time to go on the side walk (hatred of concrete and sidewalks) I asked how about i run on the bike lane (NO) okay so kept plugging along on the side walks running/walking. It was getting harder on the sidewalk!!!
completed it at: 18:24

Mile 8 & 9 now on the return it was quiet i was on my own i knew i had other walkers behind me about 4 of them i knew i would not be last and I liked that. At the same time I felt their struggles i knew how hard the second half of a half is but i was still walk/running i was amazed i had this and while yest i was fatigued i was able to run past 7 and into 8 and now 9 well my run/walks stopped at about 9.5 as i started cramping up. Can i say that gatorade goop is disgusting much less flavored express ewe but it helped as i was getting light headed.
Mile 8 -18:46 & Mile 9 - 19:05

Mile 10 was my walk - i was only able to walk and it was a very slow uphill very gradual but I could feel and being on the concrete my feet were aching and screaming hurry up and finish because they hurt. As I was battling the pain and aches I heard someone yell my name and ring cowbells as she drove by it was my dear TOPS Pal Patt (her son marathons) so she knew exactly where my race was at so there she was so she turned her truck down a street and I was like feet keep moving it was the push I need at mile 10.5 i am looking ahead and see my friend and her husband they surprised me on the course they were walking to me to support me my final miles. Mile 10- 20:02

Mile 11 - 19:05 I picked up pace they helped they walked faster and kept me going i was so thirsty and grateful Trish (aka Flutterby4jc) hubby went and got me some water - drank that pup up Kept walking and telling myself i had this. Then I saw Patt & her hubby cowbell in tow cheering me on again. More positive energy so feet don't fail me now. I looked at my Garmin and i felt if i kept pushing i would get my pr.

Mile 12 - 18:45 Kept pushing and Trish and her hubby kept me moving I knew I had now was how good would my PR by 12.5 miles i knew i wouldn't make the under 4 hr mark but knew i would still pr by mins. My time to beat was 4:04 by golly it was going to happen.

Mile 13 - saw it and the cop that had put me on the sidewalk twice (i told you all i hated the sidewalk but second time i knew if iwas caught again he pull me off so i behaved) he asked me if i was Emmy and I said yes - said my husband was worried and i told him tell him i'm .30 and i will see him soon. My legs were cramping and i was just wanting to finish

Mile 14 whic is your .1 basically i started to run although i was limp running by golley i was going to do it 4:01 to get that done basically according to my watch.

My husband got pictures as I was woggling in I was never so happy to be done because at that point i felt so much emotions I finally had confidence in my self that when i left that start i felt i was going to do something more than i could ever have imagined. I said I had this and I did it. I finally saw my strong and believed in myself. Funny my healthcoach said i was going to do something her words: this race will be your breakthrough... she was right my mind is in a different place and it can only get better. I am no longer going to get in my way when things get hard I am going to reach out and continue to ask and say what i need. I am so worth fighting hard for myself!!

Finish line run

Bri & I

kidding around

Trish (aka Flutterby4jc) & Henry (hubby) forever grateful for the 3 miles you were there with me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations - emoticon
    1641 days ago
    Look at you go! Fantastic! This really was a fun read as I would love to be where you are some day. How inspiring! Good for you!
    1645 days ago
    Congratulations! You are a rock star! Amazing!
    1645 days ago
    WAY TO GO! I'm very, very impressed - and isn't it terrific to have a friend who'll push you just when you need to be pushed. I too love this blog - makes me wish my knees were up to this!
    1646 days ago
    emoticon You did AWESOME!
    You had so many victories in this race!
    You inspire me to want to do a half marathon and its now on my agenda for next year!!
    1646 days ago
    I love this blog! I feel like I was right there with you emotionally. Man, I'm so excited for you, what an incredible feeling it must have been.

    You're amazing!
    1646 days ago
    You said you would do it, and honey, you DID IT!!!!
    I'm so proud of you! This was a lot of hard work and the mental hard work was even more challenging I'm sure.

    Can't wait to see pics.

    1646 days ago
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