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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello spark friends,

I really felt like I needed to blog so here I am enjoying my lunch break with my puppy. I haven't logged on here in awhile and honestly I haven't been very good to myself either. I have been so caught up with finishing grad school, starting a second night job and doing social things that today I realize I haven't been taking care of myself. I feel slow and sluggish and I realize I haven't had a good workout in about two weeks.

Here's my problem. I get super over the top "I have this" excited about making lifestyle changes. I do this for id say two weeks do fantastic and then some sort of thing either really bad food or skipping the gym totally throws my routine off and I stop completely. I am sure that has happened to everyone before but this has happened to me I swear 100 times. I just cant get myself refocused again and never know what to do about it. Its really frustrating because people will also start to comment that I look good or that they can tell I am losing weight and then I fall off the boards again. To be honest I actually don't like when people notice in person because it makes me feel skeptical and belittle myself its almost like a reverse compliment for me...Is that normal? lol

I want to really start focusing on myself again because my friend and I are getting an apartment (yay my first apartment) in two months and I really want to get a healthy routine going now that I can continue when I move..

I need help/suggestions/hugs spark love!
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    As others have said, long term success requires changes that are sustainable.
    1901 days ago
    I agree with all the comments here. As of now I have fallen off the wagon countless times and when I started this journey I went in all or nothing and well that didn't go so well. As of now I am focusing mainly on my food choices and calorie intake until I feel comfortable with the routine and then I will work in a lot of exercise. I do some cardio when I feel like it, but not all the time. It takes baby steps and remember that it's not the falling down that counts, it's how fast you get back up. We started at a similar weight so I feel your pain, I was 330 pounds at the beginning of this journey and now after a lot of trial and error and many weight gains and losses I weigh 249. If I can do this anyone can. Hold your head high girl you got this. Also when someone comments on your weight look at it like a boss saying job well done, after all it is a job getting healthy. Good luck girl, you can do it!!!!!!! emoticon
    1980 days ago
  • TIGER_LILY_613
    I've done the over-the-top / stay-on-plan-for-two-weeks / fall-off-the-wagon roller coaster SEVERAL times. So many times that it got to a point where, if I told my folks I was going to get back to losing weight again, they'd reply "Again ? What's going to make this time different ?"

    It took me several times to figure out what worked for me, and why my other plans failed despite my best intentions - it was because I always tried to make too many intense changes at once. I'd go from 0 to 60: working out 3 times a day, eating only salads ... none of these changes were sustainable. I was also trying to do it all alone. This time I got help from online friends (Sparkers unite !) and real-life pros (personal trainers at my gym).

    What I would advise is to start by identifying SMALL changes that could fit into your schedule easily. Where could you fit in 10 minutes of exercise? Could you add a salad to one meal on one day of the week? Could you drink one more glass of water today? Start small and build up over time. This helps you build a sustainable lifestyle change.

    It doesn't matter how many times you stumble - it's a learning process. Just remember to learn from what happened, get back up and keep pushing.

    1980 days ago
  • MINEA999
    First - congrats on your first apartment! I remember mine fondly and all the ups and downs of living with my friends. But I also look back on it as a time when I really went off the rails and ate 'whatever' so I caution you on that and it's good that you're starting to get a hold of things before then!

    Second - yes your reaction to people mentioning your weight loss is totally normal. Like you, I get a little squeamish when people notice that I'm losing weight. I don't know why. I just would rather they not mention it, haha. But they can't seem to shut up about it. I always think 'did I really look THAT bad?!'. So you're not alone there.

    And finally as for staying on track - first you can't be so hard on yourself and second, you need to get away from the all or nothing mentality. I know, because it took me a long time to figure that out. So I slowly incorporated more and more healthy habits until I had a good routine going and then of course something happens and I get bumped out of my routine - well I used to just throw up my hands and think screw it, but now I remind myself that I can't just flip a switch and be perfect again so I do what I can until I've built up to the awesome routine again. And after really bad food? Don't give up for the day - just get past that bad meal and next time, make better choices.

    You can totally do this, just don't try to be a hero about it!

    Rock it sista.
    1980 days ago
    Writing can be so helpful. Keep trying.
    1981 days ago
    I'd look more into why compliments make you fall off the wagon. Remember you don't have to do nutrition and exercise perfectly all the time. Do what you can and have fun at the same time!
    1981 days ago
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