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The Game of Survivor and more

Monday, December 16, 2013

First, the more. We had a wonderful church service,
coffee hour with most of the family and then turned
our attention to having a quiet lunch before we went
to the GC's Christmas concert. It was a short drive to
another town and church but they all did a tremendous
job. We returned home to bake DS's favorite cookies.
We had everything ready so it was just a matter of
warming up the dough so it was soft enough to roll.
That was a lot of hand work to be sure and a triple
batch of dough. We were steaming along and had
enough dough left to fill with jelly, instead of the
chopped raisin filling. I know I will enjoy those more
and maybe too much.
Then the Survivor finale started and I was down
for the count. Outwit, Outlast and Outplay. I can
see why they say that because it is so interesting to
see how they handle the challenges all season long.
And at the end, the jury has to decide who played a
better game. It is all about strategy. Tyson, the winner,
who I probably wouldn't have voted for, commented on
how little sleep you get because your mind is always
on the game. It takes a lot of focus to make the right
decisions, depending on how the remaining members
act and react each hour of the day. And there is so
much that you never see or hear about until the very end.
This reflects the journey we are all taking on SP. You
can never loose your focus. You have to plan ahead and
adjust to whatever is going on. But losing sleep over it
should not be part of the game.
I think I might do well on Survivor. Most of the challenges
would fit my highly competitive nature-a no-holds-barred,
go for the gusto, give it all you've got, put the pedal to the
metal lifestyle. But as I was watching the last few
minutes of the show, I realized that some of this behavior
might actually slow me down. I do go all out and then,
I need to relax, recharge and let my body restore itself.
Saturday's cleaning fit was hard on the body but at the time,
it was what I wanted and needed to get done. So, last night,
the body said enough and the mind agreed. I slept well
and work refreshed. Would I do it all over again?
Yes, probably. But I have to learn to pace myself.
That is a work in progress.
Now that I've have said that, I guess I will see what
challenges life comes up with today and tell myself
that it is okay to do a little less and still succeed, just
at a slower pace. I'll be looking for my happy medium.
Find your happy medium and make it a great day.
Thanks for stopping by. HUGS!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon
    2426 days ago
    I pray you are well today and missed my daily survivor episode. Please return sometime soon! Love ya Marsha! emoticon
    2426 days ago
  • DAISY443
    For years, my dil has offered a plate of her homemade brownies to whichever family member predicts the winner of the current Survivor show. I never, ever won this (maybe because I guess even though I don't watch the show.) This year the winner was my new grandson-in-law. This was his first time to be eligible for the contest. Bah, humbug!
    I always admire your great attitude! Hugs!
    2426 days ago
    Oh, it's so hard to pace myself and say no more and go a little slower. My New Year's Resolution...again.
    2427 days ago
    it is all about a happy medium and being happy in life,
    2427 days ago
    I'm a survivor and I know that you are one too! Great day!
    2427 days ago
    emoticon what? Nothing about the warmer temps? I haven't watched survivor since season 2.
    2427 days ago
    I think you would do wonderfully on Survivor Marsha!! You should try out!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2427 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154

    Survivor was my show. That and dancing with the stars. But since SP, I only turned the TV on one night, for a football game. I knew I wasn't able to watch the game, but at least I could hear it. No such luck! The game ended, and I didn't realize it until I was going to bed. I had to ask somebody the next day, who won the game. Now that's getting pretty bad! Well, with that said and done, I haven't turned my TV on in 4 months, and I don't miss it! I thrived on TV before, but no longer. I thrive on God, getting His temple in order, healthy eating, exercising, reading, and SP! The way you are with your cleaning, I'm that way with my exercising, etc. I usually over do it, but I do get my resting time. With the Christmas season, though, I need to be more on my game. I guess you could say that I'm and exercise junkie, which suits me fine. Take a rest from your cleaning, and then if anything else happens, take a deep breath in and blow it out slow, collect your thoughts, center on God and then let Him take the lead!!!

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    2427 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14253479
    I'm realizing that if I sit all day on Sunday and knit/crochet on Monday I am not up to par on cleaning houses. For me I need physical activity at least 6 hrs per day every day. No rest for the wicked.
    2427 days ago
    I probably would not do as well on my own favorite "to watch" TV reality shows... Love to watch 'em, have learned a lot from the mirror they hold up... but have no illusions that I'd not be one of the early targets! Easy pickings.

    Still, fun to watch! Have a great week!
    2427 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12499805
    Reading your blog reminded me of what I was like before I got MS and, with MS, I HAD to learn to pace myself or get really sick (which I did a few times because slowing down wasn't my thing). In a way, that is also a part of life - pacing, slowing down once in a while, then starting again, making plans, setting goals, and going again. Thanks for sharing. emoticon
    2427 days ago
    Tyson definitely worked for his million (I wouldn't have voted for him either.) I wouldn't want to be on Survivor; as soon as I found out that someone didn't like me and wanted to vote me out, I'd want to go home!! emoticon

    I'm glad you had some recharging time and you're ready to go again!

    2427 days ago
    Marsha your life is like a Survivor episode everyday. We all tune in to SP to catch up on your latest adventure. Glad you got your cleaning done! I decided to postpone my cleaning until closer to the party we are having on Saturday. If I start to soon I wll need to do it all over. We have two ladies clean our home weekly every Wednesday with "A Lick & A Promise". After they leave I am moving all the furniture and polishing our hardwood, ceramic floors, dusting all the whatknots and trinkets. One of the ladies is on her cell phone the entire time, so it's amazing she get anything done. They do pretty good work and we have used them so long they are like members of our family.
    I am thrilled you have a show on TV you enjoy, that's a good reward for all your hard work. I'm also happy to hear about your GC's Christmas Concert. That's my favorite part of the holiday season. I love the music and singing! emoticon
    2427 days ago
    Focus = success! Great blog. HUGS
    2427 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I can just picture you on Survivor-you would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.
    2427 days ago
    You Go girl!!! You are a go getter!! Sometimes I feel like I need a nap after reading your blogs!! hehe
    I generally don't like to watch Survivor simply b/c I don't like the way they become back stabbers to win the prize! I'd much rather see them find better ways of working together to reach a common goal, but then, it wouldn't be the same show!! hehe I watched the season the Boston Rob was in and won and met his future wife at the same time! Haven't watched it since, tho.
    I wish you the best in finding your "happy medium". That's where I like to be, too. Be well and have a super day! Merry Christmas!! (((HUGS)))
    2427 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I so agree with having to stay focused on this journey, but to be flexible enough to roll with the punches (of life). Now for finding that happy medium.....that does take some work. For me some days are good and others better, but as long as we keep trying I know we will succeed. emoticon and have a great day!
    2427 days ago
  • --DEBY--
    emoticon emoticon hugs my Survivor Friend...
    2427 days ago
    Yep! Your challenge for today is to see if you can survive going a bit slower! It's not as easy as it looks! emoticon
    2427 days ago
    Do well on survivor? Are you kidding - you'd WIN! (smiling)
    2427 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14029645
    2427 days ago
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