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A day with mom...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I took it a little easier with the exercise today, but I was busy most of the day with my mom. Walked the dog first thing, then went out to my parents' house to make them lunch. We had pita grilled cheese and veggie soup with pumpkin pie for dessert. I tracked the pie, but I bet it was a lot less calories as it was made with 1% milk, and very little sweetening. Mostly it was pumpkin and squash. After cleaning up from lunch I drove mom down to the food kitchen so she could prep for a cooking class she was presenting this afternoon. While she and the other volunteers did the prep work I walked to my friend Peter's house to trim his cat's claws. It hasn't really stopped snowing since Wednesday, and it looks like that city doesn't believe in clearing the sidewalks, so I had to walk in the street most of the way. All that adrenaline helped keep me warm. Thank goodness no cars hit me!

The cooking class was all about what to do with stale bread... besides throwing it out. There was a list of 28 thing you can do with stale bread, and folks came up with several more. Mom demonstrated making veiled country lass, which is sweetened and spiced bread crumbs layered with applesauce and whipped cream (it has to be real whipping cream, not cool whip), and pumpkin bread pudding. We got to taste both, and we made a LOT of croutons, so everyone got to take home a gallon bag of croutons... including me. Guess who is having a salad for a snack tonight? LOL! So those desserts ended up being my dinner tonight, plus I had some raspberries when I got home. After the cooking class Mom and I went to the grocery store, but she didn't want to walk in the snow, so I took her shopping list and ran in to get the few things she needed... like toilet paper. Very important! The store was pretty much deserted as only crazy people were out in the blowing snow and cold, Made my trip pretty quick. Then I went and filled up the truck. We took my dad's truck today, instead of mom's car, because his truck has 4 wheel drive. I was very happy with that decision!

Made it back to my parents' house safely, took all the groceries and supplies in and put them away, leashed the dog and got dad to give us a ride home. He is better at driving in snow than I am, probably because he has many years more experience than me. I am not all that confident driving in Winter conditions. Anyways, got home, put my groceries away, ate my raspberries then took the dog for a walk. It wasn't a very long walk, because the weather is still cold and windy and very snowy. We are over 3 feet of snow so far, with a Winter Storm Warning for tonight. I was smart and canceled my doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I will call during the week and reschedule, but I am not willing to risk my life driving that far in these conditions. After all that I started doing laps in my apartment. I carried Cooper for about 10 minutes of the 38 minutes I did, but he got bored and wanted to get down. My feet were cold pretty much all day until I did about 20 minutes of those laps, then they finally warmed up. Cold toes are miserable!

I plan on getting out on snow shoes again tomorrow. The tracks I made yesterday on the front lawn of my apartment building are completely obliterated. So, I have to go make new ones. emoticon
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