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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm four weeks in on the Spark 8-week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge. I have been trying to not eat the food that co-workers have been bringing in to the office. And, when I do, I try to pick the healthier options. I have also been limiting my gluten intake. Most of my meals have been low- to no-gluten. I have also been using our gym at the office. I've used the elliptical 3 - 5 times per week for up to 25 minutes. I have also been doing the Spark seated workout with exercise band 3 times a week.

As of 11/17/13, here is how things looked:
Weight: 202.8 (home scale)

Neck: 14.25"
Bicep: 14"
Chest (across fullest part): 42"
Chest (under): 38"
Waist (smallest part): 40.5"
Waist (at belly button): 43"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 46"
Hips (at hip bone): 46.5"
Thigh (10" above knee): 27.5"
Calf: 15"
Waist to Hip Ratio: .86

As of 12/15/13, here is how things look:
Weight: 198.2 (home scale)

Neck: 14."
Bicep: 13.5"
Chest (across fullest part): 41"
Chest (under): 36"
Waist (smallest part): 36.75"
Waist (at belly button): 40.5"
Abdomen (2" below navel): 43.5"
Hips (at hip bone): 44.5"
Thigh (10" above knee): 26"
Calf: 15"
Waist to Hip Ratio: .825


Weight: - 4.6 lbs

Neck: -.25"
Bicep: -.5"
Chest (across fullest part): -1"
Chest (under): -2"
Waist (smallest part): -3.75"
Waist (at belly button): -2.5"
Abdomen (2" below navel): -2.5"
Hips (at hip bone): -2"
Thigh (10" above knee): -1.5"
Calf: -.5"
Waist to Hip Ratio: -.035

Total inches: 16.5"

I'm continuing with this for the next 4 weeks. As of January, I will also be participating in the 2014 Winter 5% Challenge.
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