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Weight Loss Numbers Are Meaningless

Sunday, December 15, 2013

without the weight set point coming along.

I am an exerciser but never a dieter. So I'm new to this weight loss game through dieting. I've read many accounts of Sparkers who lost a bunch of weight but only to gain it back. I couldn't understand why. After all, when the weight started to come back, why couldn't they do something?

A coworker also tipped me off a couple of months back when I was losing weight rapidly, she said something to the effect of wait until you are on the up cycle.

I was doing the TurboCharged program and hit the max weight loss number at 20 lbs. Then for about a week, it stalled. Right around the same time, I got interested in the Leptin Diet and switched over. Eating according to the Leptin principals means 3 meals a day with no snack. I like the discipline with this method and figured that I would gain back some weight as the 20 lbs number wasn't real. If I would gain back 5 and keep 15, that would be a huge success.

The theory is that if I dieted too long and stalled, the coming rebound in weight gain will be huge. So I decided to quit while I was ahead and jumped on the Leptin plan hoping that my set point will be around 15 lbs loss. So far so good, my weight seems to stabilize at 15 lbs loss.

I've read that one reason people hit the plateau is because too much toxins in the fat cells. You have to remove the toxins through drinking a lot of water. Also the sauna is another method to help getting rid of the toxins. The removal of toxins can take months. So I'm hoping that my set point will stay around here for 6 months before I'll try to do anything.

Here is a graph showing that lab animals gained back the weight after calorie restriction diet was removed. They were back to their set points.
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    Personally I think that 'dieting' is what got me into big weight problems and lead to binge eating later on in my life. So I feel like yelling 'DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!!' :)
    I would not go on any diet now, but prefer to make changes in what I eat and do.

    Just drinking a lot of water won't remove toxins, as I understand it. If you keep eating processed foods and junk you are adding new toxins all the time. So cleaning up what you eat is necessary before water can help flush out the toxins that were released through eating less, and eating more clean foods.
    The book 'Fit for Life' explains a LOT about toxins and how to remove them.

    1580 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/28/2013 7:20:53 AM
    I've been the same way -- an exerciser, not a dieter. I find that the older I get, the more important diet is for weight management. It is what it is. I just have to keep reminding myself that the percentages are close to 80% diet and 20% exercise for what influences our weight.
    1590 days ago
    Very interesting. I've been able to keep most of the weight I originally lost in 1989 (I lost 115 pounds) off, but only through extreme vigilance. When I stop paying attention to how much I eat and how much I move, I gain. Set point - according to the research - tends to be somewhat malleable depending on nutrition and exercise choices. Spend a few years at a certain weight, and that becomes the new set point. But as you know from Mastering Leptin, our biology works against us. Sigh...
    1592 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I kept it simple and just embraced a healthy lifestyle! I tracked my food, ate healthier, dropped as many processed foods as possible, drank water, and started to run/strength train! Oh, I lost 100 large in the process, became a runner then a Triathlete, and have been maintaining for over 2 1/2 years!
    As a geek/nerd who should be on The Big Bang Theory, I stopped analyzing and just started working! BUT, it's a very individual thing! You have to find what works for you! Fortunately, I found the formula for me!
    1592 days ago
    Very interesting to me. I know what works for one person might not work for another but for me, it's daily weigh ins and the minute I am up a bit I cut back the next day or two. Keeps me honest and maintaining.
    Have a great evening
    1592 days ago
  • LIS193
    1592 days ago
    IF weight starts to creep back on, time to go back to the basics. That's the simplest solution I have come upon.

    1593 days ago
    Most people gain weight back because the changes they make are only temporary. What makes you fat once will always make you fat. It's a form of denial and wishful thinking.
    1593 days ago
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