One of those BEST EVER days

Friday, December 13, 2013

Today was the home Extension Christmas Luncheon and a day when everything seemed to go just right, and love abounded. We ate at Mama Mia's, a local Italian Ristorante, that was high on d├ęcor, in a rustic romantic old world way, and they served fabulous food. I had stuffed Tilapia with creamy lemon sauce that was just perfecto! and dessert was chocolate layer cake with a cannoli filling. I just had a thin slice, about 1/2" thick, and totally enjoyed the treat because I had purposely passed up the bread except for a small square of toasted Chiabatta bread. We exchanged grab bag gifts, and I almost didn't participate, but at the last minute wrapped an adorable bear dressed in a winter sweater and hat set. I got beautiful green marble glass trinket box to keep my special treasures in, a gift that a dear friend had entered. Everyone liked their gifts and there were no complaints from anyone this year!! Really!
I had written out 35 greeting cards last night and it was so much fun handing them out and wishing each of my friends a Merry Christmas. In the past I didn't write many cards, but this year it really boosted my spirits and everyone seemed happy to receive a card as not that many people handed out cards this year. But the best was yet to come...
When I got home, my wonderful grandson, who is the light of my life, came by after work to take his grandma to run an important errand, which I had asked him to do if he could. Because of the complications from my cataract surgery, I haven't driven my car in three weeks now, so going anywhere but to the doctor's office was something that I was unable to do. On the way back, we stopped to pick up subs at out favorite store, and we got to share a meal together. My DG hadn't eaten all day, so grandma was more than happy to feed her boy! It was so special to spend time with him, just the two of us, chatting away. Then he was called back to work, and I hated to see him go, but I sent him off with a musical holiday tie that he loved; he can wear it at work and I know he'll have so much fun with it. He was always the kid in high school who wore the Santa hat for the Christmas season, so the tie was right in keeping with his idea of seasonal fun. AND..I am finishing out the day totally on track, tired and ready for a good night's sleep without any snacking. I wish I could frame this day and go back to look at it over again...but that's what happy memories are all about! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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