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Friday, December 13, 2013

I love tamales. I made a choice to have 2 of them, after checking to make sure no sugar was in the ingredients. I still hold true to the "No sugar" So I decided in order to have some Holiday treats, and still feel pretty safe, didn't turn out that way. I also added sugar free candy in the mix One little bag has 5 candies, no sugar mind you but there is the Aspartame which I think is just as deadly as sugar is.
I was so sick this morning 4 am and all I tasted was those tamales and that sugar free candy. Needless to say, it will never happen again. I can't even imagine a tamale or one of these sugar free treats entering my life again.
The hard part. I know I cannot keep eating as drastically as I do, without introducing some things back in when I reach my goal. But now not sure what to do, without these drastic results. Has this happened to anyone else, after adopting this lifestyle? And what did you do to ease into maybe adding some things back, without it throwing your system into chaos like I did. The sugar free candy is definitely out. I am sure the Aspartame which I have not had since March 20th 2013 had a great deal to do with it. Now that I think about it the only Aspartame I had anything to do with was with Crystal light. And I drank very little of it. I was never a soda drinker, regular or diet. But it like sugar was not in my system for these past 9 months.
I haven't had a bread product and I know that the Tamale is not bread. It did have hot peppers which probably fueled the blow up of my system.
Anyway let me know what you did and didn't do to make it right.
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  • DS9KIE
    every time I eat something bad it sets off chain reaction of eating tooo much and and then feeling awful and sick. (I still want more...eeeekkk)
    1586 days ago
    Aspartame is so much more worse than white sugar it isn't funny. Think poison vs sugar cane.

    I don't know what you are doing/not doing on your weight loss eating program so I can't even guess at what to say.

    My own opinion is if it isn't something I can do for life, I won't do it for any reason unless I have no other option.

    This is why I am comfortable with my program of raw organic fruits, veggies and greens for life. It is who I wish to be and it is good for the body and emotions.
    1589 days ago
    Some foods you probably won't be able to eat again....maybe. For me, I can never eat hamburgers at any fast food place again. They all make me sick to my stomach. My body has changed.

    I am sorry about your misery since you've worked SO hard. emoticon emoticon
    1589 days ago
    I know fats will do that to you! I have had that happen when I was on low fat and had a lot more pizza than i should, after being off it for ages. I was sick and your body will react like that ...my Dr. even told me that. Aspartame makes me sick and get a headache everytime!! Yes, slowly add things back, is my opinion.
    1589 days ago
    I've had to let go foods that are not right for me too. Last night hubby bought home a fast food meal, that two years ago I would have finished and asked for another one. I ate the filling and sipped the drink but still had repurcussions.

    I have replaced a lot of carbs and only eat crackers and I bake an almond cake that I slice and only eat small pieces of. I now have almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and small amounts of fruit.

    I'm concerned to about after the goal is reached. But realistically what we are doing now is probably what we will need to do then. I'd give up anything that my body doesn't need/use to get to that stage and stay within range.

    So check out the articles and online to find foods that are filling and that your 'amazing' body can use effectively to fuel your life. Try them in moderation and see how you go.

    The first time I could go into a 'normal' store and buy anything in there got me hooked on letting go food that doesn't have a purpose in my body. Of course exercise can help you use up the cals but I'm talking empty foods.

    1589 days ago
    Oh no! Hang in there!
    I don't think I've had any strong reaction to anything I've added back (or any cheats) except for cheese. (Eat at your own risk, DC!) On the other hand, half the time I don't associate some reaction with something I did many hours ago - bad memory i guess.
    Ummm... I don't even know what a tamale is. *blush* But I have heard of hot tamales.
    1589 days ago
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