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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A year ago today I reached goal! I have gained a few pounds since returning to school, but I'm still down six from back then and my B M I is 24.5. The research shows that I still have the same risk of regain (80-95%) until 2 years (when it becomes 50%), but it's still a big landmark.

I arrived at goal very wary of regain, and I dove into the literature with the belief that knowledge is power. After several weeks of calorie cycling, I had a crisis about whether I was eating disordered, an old demon that I figured I'd have to face eventually and I got through it.

In the spring I lost my fear that I didn't know how to maintain. I had a handle on the N W C R predictors. happilyeverafter212.word
I just needed to keep up my motivation and endure through rough patches. At the same time I got a little squirrelly about my way being the only way.

In the summer I read Refuse to Regain, and I think that helped me loosen up a bit, ironically. I also went through the decision to go back to school. I had juggled ideas of becoming a trainer, a public health researcher, or what have you. On my birthday I saw a bumper sticker, "Remember who you wanted to be." It got me thinking about going further with Linguistics. But once I got registered for school other ideas winkled their way into my plans.

One of the maintenance predictors Sparkpeople does well with is defining triggering events, or the reason you decided to change your lifestyle. It could be an unflattering picture or a recalcitrant seatbelt, but the NWCR found it was often a conversation with a medical provider or the illness of a loved one. And yet many providers feel their counsel would fall on deaf ears or in some cases ignite rebellion.

I think that’s one reason I would like to become a primary care provider. Not so I can tell everyone I meet they need to lose weight, but to be willing to turn conversations toward long term health. They say doctors cure the disease and nurses care for the patient. I hope to inspire people to care for themselves more, on every level.

Maintenance is a journey of the heart, of self acceptance and nurturing and building up this amazing body. Life, from a biological standpoint, is breathtakingly complex. Inhabiting our bodies in a respectful way, like indigenous people respect the Earth, and not exploiting our resources for passing indulgence, that's my vision.
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