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Day 4

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today is day 4 of this challenge and I feel stronger. After the workout this morning, I felt so relaxed and energized to face the day.

Active Challenge:

Set an alarm to go off every hour and stretch or move for at least 1 minute (did every 45 min for 4 hours) /YES

Exercise Challenge:

Take at least 15 or more minutes to perform the exercises shown in this Beginner Strength Workout (or one of the suggested strength workout)/YES

Flexibility Challenges:

Perform the suggested stretching exercises or your own flexibility workout twice today /YES

Nutritional Challenge:

Research one staple food item in your pantry or refrigerator and determine whether it's healthy or if you need to find a substitute (Rice and white bread for me, I replaced with cornmeal and vegetables) /YES

Mind/Body Challenge:

3-Minute Total Relaxation, it involves tightening every muscles in your body including a tight fist, clenched teeth etc and relaxing, do this as many reps as possible within a minute for 3 minutes. (I will do that before bed tonight)

Record your workouts and meals in your journal /YES

As part of yesterday's challenge, it was about making an appointment for my worries. I seem to be working with this and somethings am supposed to be worrying about, I keep till later... (lesson learned, worry solves nothing)

What do you do with your worries?
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