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My Strengths and Weaknesses

Monday, December 09, 2013

I spent about 50 dollars and took an online quiz at www.cappeu.com/Realise2.
and the web site gave me a listing of 60 of my characteristics in the form of "Realized strengths", "Unrealized strengths", "Learned behaviors" and "Weaknesses". I find that the list is worth paying attention to.
Notice that the characteristics below measure only one's personality but not their talents. One's personality can be changed over a course of just a few years or even shorter, but a talent sometimes can take many thousand hours of persistent practice to obtain.

The 60 characteristics as listed by the web site, broken down by my virtues, are:

Weaknesses (Things I have difficulty with)

1) Courage ( I prefer to avoid activities that make me nervous or scared and find that this gets in the way of doing what I want);
2) Time Optimizer (I tend to take my time, not being concerned that I may be wasting it, and get distracted easily);
3) Order (I feel that order and organization would help me be more effective but that is something that I find hard to accomplish);
4) Adventurer (I do not like to take risks and prefer to stay in my comfort zone);
5) Spotlight (I try not to be the focus of attention in public or in a social group);
6) Rapport Builder ( I find it difficult to start conversations with people quickly and easily);
7) Detail ( I tend not to spot inconsistencies and mistakes and try to avoid having to check the details of things except for my finances and my writing);
8) Humor (I can see the humor in things but making people laugh is something that I tend to avoid);
9) Planning ahead (to often I find myself unprepared);
10) Listener (I think that it is sometimes a problem of not focusing, but at other times I just have problems understanding what is said);
11) Mission (I am working on setting of goals based upon my mission in life; and devoting my time to achieving them; so that, this will be a strength and not one of my weaknesses).

Realized Strengths(strengths that I make use of more often then not):
12) Equality (Being fair and equitable);
13) Gratitude;
14) Optimism;
15) Scribe (I love to write);
16) Unconditionallity (accept people genuinely for who they are and respect them);
17) Moral Compass;
18) Humility;
19) Esteem Builder;
20) Self-awareness;
21) Service Oriented;
22) Compassionate;
23) Strategic Awareness (able to change when circumstances warrant);
24) Change Agent (relish the opportunity to implement change);
25) Drive (this was counted as one of my strengths but I don't actually move on from one completed task to the next one as I need a little push from others);
26) Personalization (to consider each individual as an unique person, knowing that what is right for one person may well be wrong for another);
27) Growth(seeking out activities that will help me develop);
28) Resilience (ability to overcome adversity);

Unrealized Strengths (strengths that I have an attitude for but which I only sometimes use)
29) Legacy (wanting to create something that will outlast me and continue to make a positive contribution after I'm gone);
30) Centered (I don't know why this is not a "realized strength");
31) Emotional Awareness;
32) Curiosity;
33) Connector ( bringing together people who have shared interests);
34) Adherence (I like following rules, guidelines, instructions);
35) Work Ethic;
36) Incubator (I like to think and ponder on things, actually this is often a weakness since I tend to get distracted by day dreaming);
37) Pride ( tending to set higher standards so that others will recognize my work);
38) Improver (not just accepting things as they are but looking for ways to improve them);
39) Empathy;
40) Persistence;
41) Persuasion;
42) Innovation;
43) Prevention (To realize what may go wrong and take steps to avoid the problem;
44) Resolver (I like to solve problems);
45) Relationship Deepener (My relationships tend to develop slowly but typically last for the long term);
46) Bounce-back ( I have the attitude to use setbacks as a springboard to spur me on, to prove myself and to achieve more than I otherwise would have done);
47) Action (I tend to take the attitude that if it works then fantastic, but if it doesn't, then at least I tried).

Learned behavors (things that I am good at but which tend to drain me when doing)
48) Counterpoint ( bringing an alternative perspective to any situation);
49) Feedback (I have learn to give people both positive and negative feedback as appropriate);
50) Creativity ( I am creative but it drains me because I tend to set high standards)
51) Efficacy (having confidence in my abilities, that if I set my mind to it and work hard I can achieve it);
52) Enabler (helping people do things for themselves);
53) Explainer (simplifying things so that a person will understand it and if unsuccessful, coming up with a different way of explaining the same thing);
54) Personal responsibility;
55) Narrator (to tell a story well);
56) Authenticity (being myself regardless of pressures from others to do differently);
57) Catalyst ( to mobilize and inspire people to get things done;
58) Competitiveness;
59) Reconfiguration ( to adapt plans to the changing demands of new situations);
60) Judgment (to assess all the pros and cons and make a solid decision)
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