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Monday, December 09, 2013

Today is my father's birthday, so I wrote up a card, I'll bet my right arm he'll tell me he can't read my writing no matter how nicely I try to get it lol. In the Spark Recipes I saw the Sweet & Spicy Nuts so I adjusted the recipe a little and made up a cup and a half for him to try later on today!

He's a diabetic so I made it a little more savory than sweet. I didn't have the Sriracha or even Louisiana Hot Sauce so I put in the base some sugar free maple syrup, smoked paprika, Tony Cachere's (salt free) seasoning blend, cinnamon, a little bit of Garlic & Herb seasoning and lastly fresh ground pepper. My dad likes more than a bit of kick and I tasted it so if I can tolerate it then it would be too weak for him lol. I kicked it up just slightly because when the flavours meld who knows what it will become later. I gave it a shot though and adjusting the recipe for your tastes is smart in case you like it less sweet or savory. I didn't add anything to the mixed nuts blend I used but he can add M&M's or whatever he wants to do for it to make it perfect.

I spun the wheel when I logged in and I received 500 Spark Goodie points which was a pleasant spin. I took my rest day yesterday which was a smart idea no doubt! Even if it was pretty cold out. I could have exercised for warmth alone. Being in the 30's is no joke. I suppose I could have been in Denver, but no thanks. Or Boise, yet again snow isn't really my scene.

I made an Amazon order of 7 items which was practical since I replaced the Tina Turner DVD that went missing during the move this last year. My Mom told me which one it was so I ordered that. I ordered 2 lined blank books for myself so I can make a 2014 Planner out of it. One for half a year lol. I like the idea though because Moleskine isn't working for me anymore even if the price isn't too bad. I wanted a bigger size instead of their large daily planner. I ordered one for my friend since he loves them and its the perfect size for him to write in each day to keep track of his needs. The other 3 items were for my Mom, Cousin and Aunt. A monthly planner where each month has lines where you write out your bills, when you paid them and a pocket to keep receipts, proof of paying your bills etc. 3 of those with S&H was round $25 so good deal all around for that order.

Want to read something nice? I was talking with my Mom and a neighbor was over and long story short we put all of our canned goods and dried foods together that we won't use and we had 3 boxes full of beans, vegetables, pastas, rice and other essential food goods. I had a bunch of extra toiletries and the neighbor had some cleaning goods. Plus we donated old clothes that were in good repair and I donated the old Senseo coffee machine I had that needed a good new home. My Mom donated a few appliances as well and we dropped everything off at the charity we selected and they were pretty grateful to say the least. The neighbor was going to donate all of his things to his church pantry but it made his life easier and he usually gives a monetary donation so they can help purchase what they need that month. I asked the charity what did they need and pet food for cats was high on the list so I asked how much would be good for a 3 months supply and I went over to Pet Co and bought what they needed and brought it back about a half hour before they closed for the day and they'll make it through Christmas and New Years it looks like.

I usually wouldn't mention I did something like this but since my Mom & Dad helped out and the neighbor I figured I would mention it just to say if you talk about what you may be up to others will help if they can. The neighbor gave a monetary donation and my dad is going to do some repairs for the charity at the end of the week. I am going to go over next weekend and help sort goods and see what else I can do that needs doing. My Mom will come as well so the organization can run more efficient. The SO is going to see what clothing he can donate and see if his work can take up a canned food collection this week and drop it over. I was thinking about looking at their list and seeing what else I can bring over this week as well.

My cat was being a butt over the weekend, I think he's trying to mess with people's minds. He does what he normally does when he wants to go out but then he doesn't want to go out apparently. He likes it when he comes in for you to rub him with his towel and then brush him till he tires of that then he goes to eat his food and have a drink and goes either under the dining room table or finds a place where he won't be disturbed or have light bother him and he goes to sleep. Maybe he's protesting the colder weather, giving us heck because we moved him from where he could find a lot of birds and rodents to chase and catch. He'll have more birds to try and catch next spring and summer though since we have trees and other places for bugs and things to hide out in. For as big a cat as he is he is very fast and limber. He can hop up on our brick walls like its nothing, no sweat. He comes up running if I am outside to get the paper in the morning and he runs fast so he doesn't miss coming inside for his wipe off and brush time. He's not a friendly cat or mean, just very cautious of strangers and people he doesn't know. There are 2 cats and a dog missing in the neighborhood, the one cat that is missing looks exactly like Smokey and he was a Smokey as well. You'd have to really be sharp to catch hold of him. I saw two people in Louisiana try to catch hold of him and he's just too bright for most people, thankfully.

I've always preferred he become an indoor cat but he wouldn't be happy. When he's not happy he gets destructive and mean and he'll talk up a storm then until you do what he wants so we figure its better to let him be what he wants to be. He was a stray and came with his Mom cat to the house and she went off after a few days and died since she was injured. He took ownership of my Dad and Mom and my dad would feed him and let him stay in the garage at night but a few days later he walked right into the house and found a place and went to sleep and that was all she wrote. He was just a very young baby cat then. He's going to be 6 this year coming up and we're trying to get his weight back in a better range. He's not overweight but he's a little big by a few pounds so we're trying to get him to play more and we chase him round but we can't do it too much because he can be skittish and don't bring out the vacuum when he's around its too much for him. Otherwise he is a great cat. He'll tell you when the house is being reorganized or dealt with, he says stop moving things around. We take him to the vet once a year and he's not been sick even with the ticks that were in LA, we constantly picked ticks off of him there, the big grey ones and little red ones.

On The Writing Diet, Tool Seven is "The Body Buddy." Its having a person you can rely upon to be completely candid and honest. Select this person with care since you don't want an enabler or a person who scrutinizes every bite you eat in a negative manner. You are looking for a person who is balanced, kind but, yet, objective. The Body Buddy loves you for who you are but agrees with the goal of weight loss, being encouraging and a listener when we show them our food log. They can point out our trouble areas and suggest improvements. A Body Buddy holds us accountable for our actions in regards to food but is not a judgmental sort. Working at its best a Buddy acts as a system of checks and balances for food, exercise, water, sleep and all those other positive and negative areas of our lives. A lot of encouragement should be given for what you do right but where you messed up should be dealt with in a loving manner so you don't feel shamed and judged.

So the task to journal about is this: write out what you would like to find in a body buddy. Specifically what characteristics would you need in a Body Buddy. After you figure it out do you need a more tough love kind of person or one who is more lenient? Figure out do you know anyone who fits the criteria you selected? Sometimes this point requires prayer, patience & footwork. Pick someone who is emotionally available and can communicate through phone, email or chats. Choose someone whom you like and admire and get to work!

Tomorrow begins Part 2 of the book. Situations and Solutions! There are 37 different Situations and Solutions so I'll be covering 2 per blog entry since they are pretty short and I should be able to get done by the end of December and be finished with the book, making one of my goals for December~

Happy Monday, be safe and kind!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, that's a huge lot of information to digest today LOL! Love it! I love that you blogged your good and generous deeds because it may lead someone else to do the same. Ironic that you are feeding needy cats as well as your own. Your cat's just don't realise how well they've got it. I always cook dad up prawn cutlets - I do a 2kg batch of them - YUM! We can't finish them but they are delicious cold. Have a great day and keep on sparking! emoticon
    1656 days ago

    1657 days ago
    emoticon to Dad! I saw the nut receipe and thought the same thing about the ingredients. I do not have the Sriracha and prefer to leave out as much of the surgar as possible. The calories sounded high, so I would defintely chisel it down to make it more diet friendly. I might use the regular receipe for a party. Glad you made it differently, I may take your lead, thanks!
    We keep a charity donation box in our garage for any items we want to toss on a regular basis. There is a charity place in the shopping center down the street from my home. I have noticed the people who shop there are driving Mercedes, Jags and Cadillacs so everyone is getting in on the action. There are hard times for everyone and some people like to look for antiques etc.
    Glad you are enjoying your writing diet. It seems very intense so I hope you find it beneficial. I love SP and it has been a life saver for me! emoticon emoticon
    1658 days ago
    That was very nice of you to give your dad a gift. I hope the rest of the year is a good one for you.
    1658 days ago
    You made a wonderful gift for your dad and found great gifts for others. I don't think I could have a body buddy. Hugs, Laurel
    1658 days ago
    The body buddy should also be you to you. That's a big list to ask of someone else, however, I'm sure you will find one if you look. I hope you do find someone.

    My raw buddies are a little too lenient, and my dear friend and Dr/ND in Sacramento is a bit too strict. LOL Oh well.

    Enjoy your day and give your sweet furry buddy a few extra wipes with the towel from me.
    1658 days ago
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