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While in the shower...

Sunday, December 08, 2013

I think that is where I get my best thinking done. Warm water, routine of shampoo, condition, shower gel. Time to contemplate.

Today after my minimal workout, I stepped into the shower and the slideshow of my thoughts began. I thought about this journey that I have started and stopped a dozen times. I thought about desire in all it's many forms. I thought about my body and the punishment I've dished out over the years. I thought about how weight gain is a vicious cycle.

And then a thought occurred to me: If weight gain is a vicious cycle, weight loss is just the opposite. We've all heard about being overweight, beating ourselves up for our lack of control, emotional eating, depression, gaining more weight.

Consistency builds momentum. Work out, eat healthy, track, blog, drink that water, set and follow your goals. Every day. And soon that big, daunting goal isn't so bad.

It isn't easy, but it is doable. I will have bad days. We all do, but it is not the end of the world. Get back up and get going.

I have a friend who has been working out and eating healthy for a little over a year. He was a big guy, one for whom I felt concern over his health. He would post on his Facebook about this workout or that meal. Little hints. And then last week, he posted a picture of himself. I am very proud of this young man. He's lost a whole lot of weight, looks happy and confident, and has found new aspects of himself he didn't know existed a couple of years ago.

Look, if Johnny can do it, SO CAN I.

The other thing I realized is that I've set my goals and motivation on my family. "I want to be here for my grandkids." "I want to be here for my husband." If I'm truthful, I mean really honest with myself (I've become an expert and lying to myself, "One little cookie isn't going to hurt." Except, I end up eating the whole box), I'm doing this for ME. The opinion of others is best left to themselves. I need to do this for me. This is my health. My life.

So here I am - again. But listen, Johnny can do it, so can I. Teeny can do it, so can I. MostMom can do it, so can I. I'm not alone. I'm just learning to do it right.

All of that was the big hill on the roller coater.

Click, click, click, click.... Arms up!

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