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Why, Garmin, why?

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Went for my inaugural run in my new Asics this afternoon. I bought them back in June when I was in Michingan because running shoes are a lot cheaper in the US than in France. I normally wear a Brooks, or a Mizuno, stability shoe, extra wide in "men's"...really it is almost considered a boy's size but it works for me.

But unfortunately none of the stores had either brand available in my I agreed to hive the Asics a shot. It was only recently that I've put enough miles on my last pair of Brooks to need to switch, but my knees have started to feel a little it is time.

3.6 miles today on the paved forest trail and everything seemed Ok. Although I really do need to get real running socks, not the pseudo fitness socks I've been putting up with. My wool running socks are finally dying, they are worn so thin I might as well be barefoot.

My last pair of Brooks instantly felt great when I tried them on the first time. That didn't happen with the Asics, but they weren't bad either. Just...there.

But so far, so good. At least on the shoe front.

Sometime awhile ago, maybe a year, I accidentally washed my Garmin in the laundry. It has mostly worked, but occasionally has some minor meltdowns, like when it told me I ran a 1 minute mile. I can't always trust the GPS since the wash, and the bad part is it is not always obvious when Gamin is being wonky.

Yesterday and today it refused to complete the "searching for satellite" routine at all, so I just ran with it anyway. Yesterday was a local telethon in my village with a run (as many times around the course as you wanted to do) and somebody told me how far the distance was; today I ran a known route and Garmin was accurate enough.

But Garmin is declining. So I went online tonight to look for a replacement.

To my horror...Garmin Forerunner 410 is discontinued!

Why Garmin? Why discontinue my watch and replace it with the hideous square day glo Forerunner 10? In neon colors? Really?

I may have to change sports now. Obviously there is no place for fashion consciousness in the world of sports watch makers, where one's choices are limited to basic black, orange, or day-glo lime green or pink.

Where's the puking emoticon when you need it !

My pretty blue sleekly designed Garmin :

What I am supposed to replace it with :

Also available in basic black (but who wants to be a lemming?), pink (sexist, thoroughly despise the color), day-glo green, orange (so it can be Halloween all year long), or violet (only slightly less objectionable than pink).

I draw the line at wearing a pink sports watch. It is one of the absolute basic truths of the universe that FFK does not do pink.

eBay, here I come
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