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superwoman/man?? procrastinating

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Are you a superwoman? Do you think you are or can be?

I thought I was, I did and I do!

but why do I ask myself this today? being a superwoman means I am almost continually doing for others and not me. Or, perhaps, wasting time because I am overwhelmed with the super woman tasks I need to perform and know I cannot get to or do all of them well and turn into SUPER Procrastinator..

Whew! That was a giant leap, felt like I was on the top of mount McKinley and fell to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Guess my point is trying to figure out WHY, oh why, do I and so many others put so much stress on ourselves by trying to "Do it all"? And then still look for more things to do?

I have a list of things to do;

1 -de-clutter house, since having my back problems two years ago my house is beginning to take on the look of a landfill (sounds so much better than hoarder, doesn't it?).
2 - complete 5, no 6, 7, 8 needlepoint stockings for nieces & nephews . and please finish those two you started for your sister and brother-in-law 8 years ago as well.
3 -make cushion covers for two house chairs
4 - finish cushion covers for porch furniture and get it painted
5 - get sinks installed, material has been purchased for over a year and the existing sinks are rusting
6 - pay bills, change litter, change sheets, do laundry - weekly tasks which I often find reasons for neglecting
7 - gather the holiday present you have been amassing for 12 months
8- actually send out some of those Christmas cards you have purchased the last 5 years.
9- stick to your eating plan for more than 3 months at a time, seriously STICK TO IT
10 -read those 2 books you have for work, only 30 days to finish that one
11- read those daily business tips you put on your kindle, oops the battery died and the charger is where ... ???
12 - wash your car, it is 7 years , no 8 years old and it has only been cleaned out on the inside 3 times!! WHOA! terrible.. I do de-clutter frequently but that definitely does not take care of food crumbs, weather grit & debris- YUCK
13 - find time to do something I want to do and not just being on PC playing games - MASSAGES! READING!

and I typed this list in less than 10 minutes... Can you imagine what else needs to be on the list? Thankfully my superwoman brain took over and blocked the rest for the moment. I was starting to get a headache.

and what does this have to do with health and weight loss?

feelings of failure which can lead to more failure
being overwhelmed to the point of inaction making most of the issues worse than they are today
Poor sleep

and any one of these is enough to make my body say WHOA NELLIE! PUT ON THE BRAKES! When all of these float around in my head, I feel frozen and incapable of acting at all.

Did I say I thought I Was a superwoman? Would superwoman become immobilized with fear at completing a task? NO

So this is emoticon of knowing I am NOT a Superwoman.

I am not perfect, I will never make that title as it is so lofty only those worshipped can attain it.

I CAN make small steps every day to completing my goals and NOT being a SUPER Procrastinator either.

here is what I am going to do:
1 - make a list complete by 12/08/13
2 - put time it should take to complete each item 12/08/13
3 - put dates when each item should be completed 12/09/13
4 - make a tracking chart of goals 12/12/13
5 - post chart where I can see it and work on what needs to be done. 12/16/13
6 - review list, update and make changes - monthly

I do this every day at work and keep up on my work (98% any way), so here is to being an every day woman learning not to procrastinate. one day at a time, "DO IT NOW"


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I come up with a lot of lists. i sometimes try to put in a time to do the activities, but i sometimes get behind and dont do them all.
    2267 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Wonderful timely blog. I think I need to institute the same, but somehow I always rebel against lists. But I'm working on it.
    2268 days ago
    emoticon blog! Realistically, none of us can do it all. We need to be choosy about what we take on, and what we decide isn't necessary for us to spend time on. And what to ask for help with!
    2269 days ago
    This could have been me 2 years ago!

    Now I only have time for me and WHAT do I do

    Still procrastinate--- I think it is a learned behavior or I just don`t want to get finished.

    procrastination is the one thing I am good at.

    2269 days ago
    2269 days ago
    Jann, I had to giggle as I read the comments here. Add me to the list. Actually I owe you a big thanks because your comment about your Kindle needing to be charged reminded me that mine gave me the 'warning' about that last night but I forgot to put it on the charger before sleep. So its on the charger now.

    I am SO GLAD you decided to give up on being SuperWoman!! Its a futile goal so just do one thing at a time and figure marking SOME things off your list is WAY better than worrying about ALL of them!!

    On the lost charger thing, I figured out a way to keep that from happening after I forgot my kindle charger when we went to Florida last fall. Now I keep ALL my chargers in a gallon size zip lock bag in the bottom drawer of my vanity. Now when I need one I always know right where it is. And when we go on vacation I just take the whole bag!! Its saved me a few gray hairs LOL.
    2270 days ago
    I felt like I was reading some of my own thoughts!

    I am a big believer in baby steps every day in all areas of life. Onward with the day!

    Great blog!
    2270 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I love you sweetheart and great job calming your brain down and trying to break things down into smaller chunks... babysteps!
    2270 days ago
    Hoo boy, how did you get in my head?

    I have a to-do list of approximately 150 items. Now some of those things are fun/dream lists (craft projects I'm working on for myself, for example, that have no deadline, movies I want to watch, stuff like that) but a lot of those have to do with school. Or keeping our apartment clean, or our plants alive, or....

    And I didn't have on there clean out my car but now that you mention it....

    (That will have to wait until spring, though. I'm not washing/cleaning out the car in subzero temperatures!)

    I never really thought of myself as super woman, though... just super stubborn, LOL.
    2270 days ago
    Tackle the smallest ones first
    2270 days ago
    I think you have been in my body, I think this is me emoticon and I hate it, Friday, I started cleaning in 4 rooms, and actually I only have 5 rooms counting the bathroom, I try to steer clear of my computer/junk/spare bedroom, beca emoticon use, when I clean elsewhere, this is where it all ends up
    2270 days ago
  • AJB121299
    2270 days ago
    HEY! Are you sitting next to me here and I just can't see you? Are you channeling me? Or are we soul sisters (along with about a bajillion other sparkers)?


    Let's go take a bubblebath...NO; not TOGETHER!
    2270 days ago
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