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The date... :D

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Totally for Pickie98 and Marianne9855...

Well, I guess I need to be brief about what's happened up until this point.

Back story: My friend is playing match maker. I being a good sport humor her. She sets me up to meet these people that she knows. Thus the post "It's a Date!"... [Oh, ya I'm down 20 pounds since Thanksgiving...]

Now back to what has happened since...

We (Jr and I) have been talking and texting since. He came over to my house, knocked on the door to pick me up for our date. [For those who really know me, this is a huge thing! I do not trust easily. So, for Jr to know where I live is a monumental thing!] He was dressed in a nice shirt and jeans. I was in a red top and jeans. (Pictures below) We get to his car, and he opens the door for me. He literally waited until I was buckled in, before shutting the door. He get does something with the key that starts the motor and turns on the heater, before he gets into the car. We drive off to our destination...

We drive from the NE side of Houston to the River Oaks area on the west side of town. It's about a 45 minute drive with traffic and talking. We arrive at a Japanese Sushi Bar and Grill restaurant. He opens both the car door and the restaurant door for me. When the hostess seats us at the bar, he pulls out the chair for me. We place our drink order and start going over the menu... He points out a few things we could try that are new to both him and I. He even makes suggestions on what he thinks I might like. I look over the items, and he's right, it's stuff I would like. He places both our orders for sushi and entrees.

We talk about our families and other pleasantries. I start giggling when the food arrives. 1 large plate of different types of sushi and 1 small plate of Smelt... I look at the plate of Smelt and ask Jr if he's really gonna eat the little fish that look like sardines with their heads still on?? He eyes the food questioning his decision to order this plate and goes, "Um... Ya. I guess." I start laughing, "But the fishies are smiling at you and your gonna eat them?!? really?" Jr picks up on of the Smelts and looks at it... I burst out laughing, which triggers Jr to laugh. He puts the fish down on his plate and laughs, "I can't do it. It's looking at me." I snap a few pictures... We did try to eat the Smelt... Honestly, but we couldn't stop laughing and playing with the fishies...

We both eat the sushi plate... Oh talk about some good food! Then the hostess comes back and he mentions something else to her. She walks away. I look at him, like, 'What did you do?' The hostess comes back with 2 more plates of food. 1 plate has these 5 tampura fried balls and the other is a plate of a sushi roll that is sliced into 6 pieces. He tells me the sushi roll is his favorite sushi. The other plate is something he had heard my friend (that set us up) mention that I always wanted to try, but never had the chance to. I look at him, like 'No way!' I have a shocked expression on my face...

I take 2 pieces of the sushi and 2 of the balls... I look at the balls, questioning what the heck he ordered... I get my chopsticks and put the full ball in my mouth... Which is not a smart move as it's still freaking hot and burning my tongue and mouth. I chew like a crazy person... I have to take periodic huffs to cool the food enough to taste what the heck I'm eating. Then I taste the octopus! lol. It's at that moment I realize what the heck he ordered for me and what I'm eating. He ordered me Takoyaki! (Takoyaki are octopus balls that are deep fired and served with a sauce and garnish of cabbage.)

Even since I saw Anthony Bourdain do his 'No Reservations' show on Japan, I wanted to try Takoyaki. Jr sees my expression change from questioning the food, to burning my mouth, to complete bliss... Jr smiles as I look at him. I swallow my food take a sip of my Green Tea. I just lean over and kiss Jr on the lips. He closes his eyes and I do the same. The kiss goes from just a plan normal kiss to intense in a fraction of a second... After a solid minute we finally catch air. I stare him in the eyes and thank him for doing this one special treat for me. He moves the Takoyaki plate closer to me... I finish off the plate and the 2 pieces of sushi. I excuse myself for a minute and go to the restroom.

In the restroom, I'm trembling. My legs are like cooked pasta noodles, my body is on edge, and my lips still feel the electricity of his kiss. It wasn't a normal kiss. Jr kissed me with such passion and intensity, that I felt the spark! I'm such a hopeless romantic, that yes I believe if you are meant to be with someone, there should be a spark between both people. I felt his spark. I finish washing my hands and calming my nerves. I walk back to our seats.

Jr has already paid the bill and is standing with my jacket in his hands. The jacket is draped open for me to put on. I do exactly that. Before I can move my hair from the coat, Jr does it for me. He kissed the back of my neck tenderly. I turn to face him. He tells me, we still have a lot to do tonight. I'm thinking, oh wow!

We head to the Chocolate Bar next... Which is about a mile from where we ate the sushi. At the Chocolate Bar we order a slice of cake ($9.99 a slice) for us to share. The cake is huge! We ate 1/2 the cake slice... It was just too sweet... I even had unsweetened coffee with creamer and could still taste the sweetness on my lips. We hold hands and kiss periodically during the cake... I'm thinking okay, I can go home happy now. We toss the cake. I start getting ready to leave, Jr pulls me to him and plants a huge kiss on my lips... His hands go from my hips to mid of my back. I see stars when we finally separate from our kiss and I can finally catch my breathe. He places his head on my chest, but his face is facing the door. I give him a minute to calm down from our kiss too. I hear him say, "Ready to go? We aren't finished yet." I pull his head up and look him the eye... "Jr, we still have more to do on our date?" he replies, "Of course we do. We are only about half way through with our date." I laugh.

Next we go to this little hole in the wall bar called, 'VooDoo Bar'. Jr orders us a drink at this dive bar... It's full of Rockabilly Guys and Dolls... We look completely outta place. The bartender gives us these drinks. I kid you not, I can hold my liquor, but this guy made something that made moonshine taste like water!!! It takes everything in my being to down this strong drink. I laugh when I realize Jr has the same issue. I try Jr's drink and it's easily 20x stronger than my own drink. I tell Jr, "Let's just finish the drinks and get on with our date." He agrees. While we are finishing off our drinks, we are sitting on a bench. I take off my jacket and try relaxing. Jr sits behind me and pulls me close to him, where my back is on his chest. He wraps his arms around me and we cross our fingers and arms together in a double X. We just sit enjoying the embrace and warmth of the other person's body heat. We never say a word during that time... It's like the world stopped and we were completely alone... It takes about 25 to 30 minutes for both of us to finish the 1 drink each of us had. We leave the bar, hand in hand.

We get into the car, I ask him, "Suga, where are we headed to now?" Jr replies, "It's a surprise." He proceeds to drive us to our next and final destination for the night.

We go to the 'Oxygen Bar'. For those who don't live here in Houston... The Oxygen Bar is a place where you can sit and smoke hookahs or get a dose of oxygen from this face mask thingy. It's very relaxing and soothing kinda place. Jr orders us a hookah and a double bowl of watermelon and lemonade shisha. This is the same mixture of hookah, my husband and I would do before he passed. I know when he places the order for the double bowl, this is another suggestion from my friend that set us up.

Jr finds this great love seat for us to sit and talk. He draws me close to him so he can put his arm around my waist. We talk and I giggle from time to time. He leans in to kiss me on the lips... The same spark, intensity and passion are in this kiss that was in the first one. We are lost in the moment that this kiss brings us to. We hear the staff member place the hookah in front of us, when we finally separate from the kiss. Jr tips the staff for bringing us the hookah. We take a few rifts from the hose. (The hose has a plastic mouth guard protruding from the hose it's self.)

I let the taste of the hookah rest on my tongue and blow the smoke through my nose. The whole time, I drift off into my own world, thinking about my hubby and my life before. Jr caresses my arm and brings me back to reality. He sees the tears that are about to well up in my eyes... He just holds me as a I cry for a few minutes. I apologize for killing the mood of our date. Jr tells me, that it was his idea to do this, he feels that he needs to apologize to me for his actions and making me cry. I finally calm down and kiss him on the neck and thank him for doing all of this for me. The mood gets lighter and we are back to having fun, talking, laughing and more kissing.....

The evening ends with a long silent car ride back to my house with us just holding hands. When we finally get to the main street that leads to my neighborhood, Jr squeezes my hand and leans over to me, "Cyndy I really enjoyed myself tonight. (pulls my hand to his lips, kiss it and goes back to holding my hand)"

Me: I enjoyed myself too Jr. Really, thank you for everything. This is the best date ever! (I giggle.)

Jr: Cyndy, I want to go out again with you... Maybe next Friday?

Me: I can't next Friday, I have 3 Christmas parties that I am already committed to. Maybe we can do Thursday, before or Saturday, after?

Jr: (Huge smile) Thursday works for me. I'll come get you at 6:30pm and we can go from there.

We finally arrive at my house. He opens the door, escorts me to the door step and we say our goodbyes. He draws me into a kiss that is so deep, that I feel chills up and down my back. He puts his hands through my hair and forces my lips onto his the second I try to separate our lips. I breathe in deeply into his kiss. We look at each other and we realize, we have something incredible happening at this moment in time....

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  • WENDIBIRD10477
    I can't lie...since I read the blog about the meeting, I've been dying to read about the big date! I'm giddy for you! HOORAY! :)
    1653 days ago
    *Swoon* emoticon
    1654 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    emoticon I need a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a great date.. your past is ancient history and you passed the class. Open the new textbook of your future.. with or without Jr. start comparing things to NOW, to THEN.. Past can R.I.P.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1655 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/8/2013 9:43:16 AM
  • TIGER_LILY_613
    Sounds like you had a very romantic and fun date !!! emoticon
    1656 days ago
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