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Hanging in there 3 days post, decorate?

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Well, it's 4am Saturday morning, and it's been about 3.5 days since I had my first AC chemo. For some reason, all I did was sleep the first two days post chemo. It kind of surprised me because usually the pre-chemo steroids make me energetic for about 48 hours and then I usually crash. This time, there was no "up" period after chemo, so I'm wondering if there will be no crash. That would be nice. Thoses weekly crashes were the worst part of my weekly Taxol chemo infusions.

I woke up about 3am this morning with slight bone pain. It's from the shot I had to build up my white blood cells. The pain wasn't bad, just enough to wake me up. Walking around seems to help. I've also taken some other meds that were prescribed for the bone pain that should help. If this is as bad as it gets, I can easily manage it.

Our little town is having their monthly ball room dance tonight. I'd really like to go, but I have no idea how I'll be feeling by this evening. We will go as long as I'm not feeling too terrible. This ball room dancing really lifts my spirits. I have a couple really pretty Christmas dresses I can pick from to wear. They are very old, at least 20 years old, but they fit! The band will be playing a lot of Christmas songs according to the write-up in the paper, so I think it will be fun and festive. If we go, I might even take my camera an see if we can get some pictures made of us dancing.

Yesterday, Jim started pulling out the Christmas decorations from the storage room in the basement. This is the first year we have lived in this house full-time so we have no set place for the decorations. We also have all the Christmas decorations from my mom's house that sold last spring. We have far more decorations than we will ever really want to use in this house, so we are giving about half of them to charity. Right now is the perfect time to do it so that someone else can use them this season. Jim pulled out about a quarter of the decorations yesterday and he has already taken a car load of things to charity. I'm not really big on clutter. So far, everything he has put out in our house looks really tasteful.

We will be having a very low-key Christmas this year since I'll be right in the middle of my AC chemo, but I think it will be nice to have the house decorated. I have a friend that is fabulous at decorating for Christmas. I think I might call her and ask her if she wants to come other and participate in putting up the decorations. She has been wanting to help me out some way, and this would be the perfect way to help. I believe I'll give her a call later on today.

This is a lady that has decorated her house so pretty for Christmas that their home is on the "Christmas Parade of Homes." She really likes to do that sort of thing.

While my Christmas may be pretty low key this year, I'm very aware that there are a lot of people really struggling through great hardships this holiday season. Getting chemo and going bald just in time for Christmas certainly isn't on the top of my hit parade of things to do for Christmas, but overall, I feel very blessed. I'm surrounded by people that love and support me. I have no "crazy makers" in my life that can bring me down. My cancer is confined to my breast and lymph nodes as far as we know, so there is a chance for a cure. We are doing okay finacially (thank goodness we have terrific insurance). Overall, I have a lot to be very grateful for.

Life is good! Now if I can just get to the ball tonight! emoticon emoticon


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    Hi glad to see you in high spirits.
    I'm really hoping that you get to go to the dance.
    Have a good evening my friend. Holly emoticon
    1624 days ago
    I am so happy to hear that you are doing pretty good through this round of treatment. Also excited to hear about your next dance. Please take some photos of you two all decked out! Watch out for those dips!! LOL!

    Enjoy it, you deserve it!!
    1624 days ago
    Hope you made it to the ball!
    1624 days ago
  • BTRX71
    I hope you were able to get to the ball. I am glad to see what a wonderful attitude you have not only regarding this season but your treatments as well. That positivity will (imo) help towards your recovery. Best wishes to you for health and happiness. emoticon
    1624 days ago
    emoticon Stay in that happiness and gratitude. I'm praying for a speedy and full healing for your body. Your spirit is beautiful, inspiring and a source of healing for other. Wishing you a blessed holiday season, SparkedFriend.
    1625 days ago
    Wow. You are one incredible lady. Your blog made me cry with the way you are so compassionate toward others even in the midst of your own challenges.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog post.

    And I LOVE IT for you that your dresses from 20 years ago fit! Woohoo!!

    1625 days ago
    I'm so glad you are managing the little bit of pain and treatments so well! I hope that all of your treatments go as well and that you come out of this cancer free!

    How nice to be able to decorate your house since this is the first full year you've been in your home. Inviting your friend over, who wants desperately to help you in some way, to help decorate your home sounds like a great thing to do and a way to spend some time with your friend too. I think it's great that you are giving away some of your decorations to charity. I never would have thought of doing that. What a great way to spread some cheer this time of year.

    I hope you felt like going to the ball and that you had fun dancing your heart out. It would be great if someone had taken pics of you and Jim so you can share them with us. (hint, hint, hint) emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1625 days ago
    Hi Kay,

    Great to read your blog. Attitude goes a longggggggg way toward
    healing and you are superb......

    As to the decorating, I love to do that, but since you have a blessing
    right there close who would love to come "do" your decorations, I
    believe you should let her.....she obviously wants to help and it would
    bless her as well..........

    Hope to see pictures of the dance...

    1625 days ago
    I hope you feel well enough to go to the dance.

    I think that is a good idea to have a friend help you decorate; it will lift your spirits to see the decorations, without all the work of having to do it yourself.

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas season. emoticon
    1626 days ago
    Oh my darling and beautiful Kay...I'm SO happy that you are managing through this and I was heartened to hear that Stonecot had the same thing and is still going strong and better than ever 6 years down the road. I LOVE it when I hear things like that...just LOVE it!

    I hope, hope, hope that you can go dancing and I can't WAIT to see the cute pics of you and your sweet husband...Dancing With The Stars has nothin' on you girlfriend! emoticon emoticon

    And so RIGHT you are...I'd much rather be enjoying time with you then these wild and wooley women...but as I said to another sparky friend it DOES make for some pretty interesting blog material. emoticon

    I'll NEVER run out of material...that's for SURE! emoticon
    1626 days ago
    I hope you dance, either in your beautiful dresses or in your dreams!
    1626 days ago
    A BALL! how romantic and Christmasy that sounds. I hope you feel up to going so we can hear your report (selfish, I know!)

    Grateful with you for the peace that surrounds you!
    1626 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    hope you get to go dancing!!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1626 days ago
    Keep smiling. emoticon Keep dancing. emoticon Take a nap when you get tired. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    1626 days ago
    I had exactly what you had, exactly 6 years ago. I found that month by month I simply got a little more tired. Six years on, I'm still grateful to be alive, and life is better than its ever been. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will pull through this. emoticon
    1626 days ago
    Sending you lots of hugs...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1626 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1626 days ago
  • BILL60
    You are incredible. What a super attitude. Few would be so festive, were they in your situation. Super Woman fits you perfectly. Hang tough!!
    1626 days ago
    Kay, go dance if you feel up to it! I'm so glad Jim is taking great care of you -- as always. It's also really cool that you've figured out a way to have your friend help you with the decorations.

    Enjoy!! You will overcome this, my friend!
    1626 days ago
    I so hope you get to the ball, you will have a great time, even if you do have to slow down and rest some. I hope that you stay feelling well too.

    Oh would love to see yout house decorated, I love it but not great at it. Enjoy it espeically since someone else will be doing the brunt of the work. I too think it will be a good Christmas for you. HUGS dear friend and I so hope you get out to dance this eve!
    1626 days ago
    Kay~it's good to hear that this treatment isn't unmanageable. Wishing you a quick and full recovery. As for the ball....go whether you think you feel up to it or not. Just being there will take your mind off of things and even if you aren't able to'll be among friends and a good time.

    I wish I lived a little closer, I would totally come help you decorate. I LOVE decorating for Christmas, but this year we've been blessed with 4 little kittens so instead of my huge tree and glittering decorations...I've got a 4 foot tree on top of a curio cabinet with only a few other inside decorations. It's ok though, we love those little kitties ;) I think it's absolutely wonderful that you're donating some of your items to charity!! Everyone deserves a little sparkle.

    So this is your first full year here!! I always wondered why the heck you went back to IL in the winter!!! Silly girl. I'm so happy to have finally been able to move to TN. IL is just too darn cold!!! We've been here just over a year now and WE LOVE IT!

    Well, enjoy your evening (post pics if you can!!)!! Perhaps sometime soon, when you're up for it, you, Bonny and I can meet somewhere in the middle for that luncheon we once talked about a couple of years ago!!!

    emoticon Lexi

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1626 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Take care, I am praying for you.. emoticon
    1626 days ago
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