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Well There Goes My Water...

Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Friday guys! Today is a special day because one of my favorite people was born today! YUP! That's right, it's my daddy's birthday. He is extremely hard to shop for, especially if you don't have two or three grand to give for a state of the art Apple or new flat screen tv. So unforntunely he is going to have to wait to get his gifts on Christmas.

But fear not, I did make him his favorite dessert. My dad loves this no bake cheesecake thing we do. It's just cream cheese, lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk, and some vanilla. Combine until smooth, pour in a graham cracker crust then top with a can of cherry pie filling. It's easy, and what I made for his Thanksgiving pot luck at work. Well needless to say, they really enjoyed it and he only got a small piece, so I am making sure he can enjoy nearly an entire pie to himself (well, he has to share with mom).

I, again, didn't sleep well. I think it's mostly because I am re-entering keto. Some people who enter keto feel tired, weak, achy. Me though, I just can't sleep. Oh well. It wasn't too bad, and I was still able to get up and workout out.

We didn't use the Equalizer today. Pooey! But it was an entire 43 minutes of ab work. Boy am I sore. Plus my Zumba was after. I really am trying to be more conscience of the way I work out and move my body. Not just going through the motions, but slowing it down and feeling it. It's hard work with abs because I don't quite have the only "tighten up your abs" and breathe at the same time thing down. Oh well, I'll get soon enough.

After working out, I when ahead and made dad's Cherry Cheesecake Pie. It worked well because I had set out the cream cheese before working out. I got it all done, then like a good girl, I was going to take my fiber. I have been taking psyllium husk powder with some water to help increase my fiber on my keto diet. It's a 100% fiber that helps with digestion and is fairly common in the keto world. Well I have been only taking about 4 grams, and a serving is about 9 grams. I know I need to up it, so I quickly mixed in 5 grams, drank the water...then mixed in another 4 grams and drank the water.

I guess I drank it too fast. Or maybe I took too much at once. Because I got sick. Yup. I got sick about 4 or 5 times to be exact. And it was the projectile, through the noise, in the ear canals sick. Just the idea of looking at anything to eat or drink is making be queasy. Okay, well I did make it to the sink on time. But it was a sink full of dirty dishes. That teaches me to be slow on unloading the dishwasher. So I had to clean pretty much everything....which is exactly what you want to do after you threw up 5 times and are starting to run a fever. Well the kitchen is pretty clean now.

I starting to feel the effects of getting ill. It's very very rare that I get sick. In fact, I only think of 5 times of my life that I got sick. Last time was over a year ago and I got a 24 hour stomach bug that was going around. The time before that was when I had a protein shake then decided to go rollerblading, and found out that a heart rate of 190 or higher will produce a vomiting side effect. The time before that, I was drunk. And before that was in 7th grade when I got this crazy weird unknown thing and was ill for like 7 days. That's about it. So when I get sick, I feel bad.

Especially this time. Because now not only am I dehydrated, which is making my muscles sore, but I really can't eat anything, which is an issue considering just how hard I nailed my workout. And plus it made my throat, ears, and nose super sore. I wish I had more chicken stock though.

Well, hopefully I feel better by tonight. Mom's work is getting crazy, and some people are treating her really badly. She's what you call a sub, which means she does various routes. Some people aren't doing there job, like taking out vacation holds and what not, so it's making it harder on her. Today is going to be pretty bad. I was planning on making pizza for her, so hopefully I'll be able to stomach it later this evening.

Oh, and I also started my period. Weeee.

I am just a bundle of fun aren't I.

It's pretty cold out today, and there's some ice around. Strange things for a Central Texan like myself. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm.

And I am off to take a shower. Then maybe some broth...and tea.

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    Feel better soon! I'm so sorry you are feeling sick :( Having to clean all that AND the dishes up afterwards sounds like the worst. That's the part of being an adult that I don't like! I can't just start crying and have my mom take care of everything!

    The cheesecake sounds tasty. I was looking into a no bake that also called for marscapone, and I found a few awesome recipies, but I couldn't rationalize making it when I realized I'd be eating at least half of it by myself :X
    1656 days ago
    1656 days ago
    Sweetened condensed milk. Now I'm craving nostalgia. My mom would take whole cans of sweetened condensed milk and boil them in water until they became cans of caramel. Then we'd eat it out of the can. Sweet mercy, the cravings are strong lol.

    *keeps reading* well lol now the craving for anything is gone! emoticon I googled the powder and it seems to have some choking warnings. I think your body just reacted and it will be fine tomorrow. Keep drinking water.

    1656 days ago
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