"Black Coffee"

Friday, December 06, 2013

"Black Coffee"

Black coffee is my name
Black coffee is not a thing
Black coffee, freshly ground and fully packed.

Way back you all know, since I don't know when
See I got hungover before I was 10
So hot black coffee, that's where it's at.

Well you hear that
Some black tea, well it can't compare with me
Black tea (can't compare with me) that's right
Black tea, well it's as good as, it's as good as, it's as good as it can be
But it's a cup of black coffee that a working person needs to see, yeah.

In America, well it's the land of the free (so I've been told)
You can get what you want if you've got a lot of do re me
For a cup of black coffee, how good it tastes.

Black coffee is what I know, it's what I need
To suit my soul, to suit my soul now
It's what I want, it's what I need
Black coffee is where it's at!
Inspiration from my truest friend FUNNYBOYX emoticon

If you view the pictures on my Info Page, you'll see my love of coffee!
I'll be changing my pictures soon, so I hope you take the time to view them.

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