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Life is Tough

Friday, December 06, 2013

Scott Peck, the author, said it best,
This you must embrace,
If you want an easier life,
Challenges you must face.

Accepting the premise that life is tough
Eases the resistance we may feel
To changes that turn us upside-down
But makes life very real.

If you're ready to accept
That things aren't always great,
You're sure to find less struggle
Against the tide of changing fate.

You fall, get up, and fall again
Such is the course of life.
Just brace yourself to do your best
And face whatever strife.

And if you feel you're down for good,
Just stay and rest a bit
Until you're ready to get back up
And face the remaining sh#@.

Because, when all is said and done,
It's how you've played the game.
When life socked you in the jaw,
True to yourself did you remain?

So I accept that life is tough
And hold it to be true.
That the bumpy path is easier
With others - friends like you.
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