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I Am So So So Very Sorry...

Thursday, December 05, 2013

....For this epically long blog. Spark People was having issues yesterday and ate my blog. So I have more to add to it today. Again I am sorry, and I am going to try to make this as organized as possible.

Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday

So both Thursday and Friday I opted out of my low carb lifestyle, and decided to just INDULGE! But to be completely honest, the food, though good, is much like anything else anymore. It was just food. On Wednesday the day before I weighed in at 143.8 pounds. My lowest in over a year. With only 10 days prior being on keto, this proves that low carb is for me. Because of the foods, which I ate more of than I should have, it really jacked with my system. I found it not to be worth it, but I knew if I didn't eat leftovers, we would end up throwing things away. And since I made most of it, I really didn't want to see it in the trash.

Saturday and Sunday

I started eating low carb again on Saturday. I wasn't really tracking too well either days, but I knew what I needed and didn't need to eat. I was still feeling achey and sore from the carb loaded days. I felt like I had worked out on Thursday and Friday, though I didn't. I was just feeling really blah. I also found that I had some major acne flare ups, and my bipolar anger episodes showed up. I had to go to my room in a huff, but the cat decided to follow. Thank gosh for my cat. I was in such a state and just her being near me helped me calm done. I hate when I get my rage episodes. Sunday we when out to eat and a chain cajun joint called Razoos. Pretty tasty blackened fish. I even had a bite of dirty rice, and that's all I needed to satisfy my curiosity. Sunday I even made some coconut hazelnut cookies. They are pretty tasty for only a few carbs. Plus the recipe only made 8, which is perfect for just me. Hehe.


I still didn't reach keto until later on Monday night. I was starting to get worried. I think the biggest shock on Monday was the scale. Just two days of carbs and I was up to 147.4 pounds. Wowwy! I knew it would be mostly water weight and what not, but still, that is a big difference. I restarted my BodyRock 30 Day Challenge. I was a little disappointed because I didn't have my Equalizer yet, and we used it on Day 1. I was really surprised about how much I missed working out those past four days. I realized that it helps with more issues than I thought, and I need to not let the presence of my dad or mom get to me. After BodyRock I have decided to do some extra cardio. So YAY for Zumba! I am determined to get into shape as fast as possible. Plus my heart rate is recovering so fast, my BodyRock isn't burning as many calories as it did the first time around. I guess my endurance is increasing faster than my strength. I needed to make more fat bombs on Monday as well. I was planning on doing the Mounds with peppermint this time, but low and behold the bottle in the pantry was empty. Go figure. I changed it up this time, and made the chocolate with butter. It was thick enough that I only needed on dipping. I had some leftover, so I made some peanut butter cups. Man were those tasty.


I lucked out on Tuesday, as that day didn't have the Equalizer in it. I did my Zumba afterwards too. I watched some Doctor Who and did some knitting. This pattern for my mom is very interesting, but is taking forever and a day. Oh well. I also did yet another new recipe on Tuesday. I made spaghetti squash for the first time. I was shocked to see how much like pasta it really is. I did a creamy garlic sauce, and though the sauce didn't thicken it was really taste. The only down side is it really is too much. Next time I am going to use that sucker for a few things. But it's a keeper. While making it, my Equalizer finally came in. I was so happy. I didn't dare put it together though. I knew I would want to play with it and I really had no desire to get all sweaty again.


Wednesday was measurement day. I wasn't to surprise by them either. I lost were I needed to lose (the waist) but gained in the arms. That's fine, I can see that the gain is all muscle there! I was super excited that I would get to use my Equalizer. I got ready, and put it together. It went together very easily. I was so pumped to use it. Problem was, Day 3 of the BodyRock 30 Day Real Time Challenge, didn't use it. I was so disappointed. So I made a interval work out and did an extra 10 minutes using the Equalizer. OH MY WORD!!!!! It makes such a difference. Muscles I have never worked before where there. And it's so challenging. I feel like a total weakling, and some moves are hard because I'm so freakin' short, but it is AWESOME!!! I still did my Zumba afterwards as well. I watched more Doctor Who (I have like 50 episode of it on the DRV) and knitting. It's nice watching them in order. I also wrote a blog yesterday, but it was lost (as I mentioned before). I made yet another new recipe. Simple and easy. And very very tasty. Pizza bites. Essentially a pepperoni topped with sauce and cheese. Mom complained that it needed more toppings, but I wasn't willingly to let go of the last can of black olives. I feel really bad for her, she is working so hard. Most nights she doesn't get home until 8:30 or 9:00pm. And she goes in at 7:30 in the morning. The United States Postal Service is a very hard and thankless job.

Thursday aka TODAY!

Weighed myself today, and I am finally back down to what I was before Thanksgiving, even a little bit less. 143.2 pounds! So excited to see it moving down, and not up and down like it was before. It took awhile for me to get up and go this morning. I really didn't sleep too well. It's the only side effect I have when I get into keto. Most people experience some side effects when they first get into it, and I get this is one of mine. Not to bad though. I started working out around 12:30. Not really what I wanted but I am knowing it needs to get done. Plus today I finally got to use my Equalizer in the actual workout. Man is it HARD! I feel so weak, but I know that it's going to be one of the best pieces of workout equipment yet. It's something that you can grow with. Unlike my 8 pound dumbbells that are just starting to feel silly in some moves. More Zumba afterwards. I even got the mail, boy is it cold today. I feel for my mom, she hates the cold. I decided to make more peanut butter cups. I went through the other ones pretty fast, plus my period is coming up and it's good to have something like that lying around.

So that's it for my week. I have been keeping busy. Kinda sick of doing dishes though. All those dishes I did before, durning, and after Thanksgiving is not fun. Plus with all my cooking, it's adding up faster than before. Things are looking up, but then again, I know they are going to get even busier soon. I even am thinking about applying for a job. I found one on Craigslist that is pretty much my dream job. Taking care of cats at a shelter. I mean seriously, that is something I can handle. Plus if I get kinda stressed or freaked out, I can always "go check on the cats," to help calm down. I am having a friend look over my resume and cover letter. My dad would do it, but I really wanted an outside opinion. I just hope I get it in on time.

Tomorrow is my dad's 62th Birthday. I didn't get him anything, but I am making his favorite cherry cheesecake pie thingy. He was kinda disappointed that he didn't get but one small piece when I made it for his pot luck. His coworkers seemed to really enjoy it though.

Just basically hoping for some time to breathe. But I'm having a good time. My stress is still high, my agoraphobia is still an issue, but I am trying to keep busy. Trying to just get through every day. It's hard, especially when I start thinking about the future. I just kinda have a panic attack and shut down. But yeah...things are good.

So that's all for me. Have a great rest of the week/weekend. Hopefully I won't wait this long to write again. But I have been busy. Time for a peanut butter cup now. Bye!


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    emoticon I'm glad your Equalizer finally came in. Congrats on the weight loss and measurements! You probably cook 10x more than I do. emoticon emoticon
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    enjoy your weekend
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