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Not answering my phone anymore

Thursday, December 05, 2013

At 9:30 my time this morning - so about 3:30 am in Michigan - I received a text from my son : "am going to hospital, think I have MRSA"


So I call him up immediately because MRSA is dangerous.

He has a "pimple" like spot on his leg that has grown and is now quite painful and is obviously not a pimple. In his internet research for a diagnosis he came across MRSA, it seemed to fit and so he decided that is what it must be.


Of course I told him to get into the doctor today & let me know what it is. I do not think it is MRSA from his description, or anything immediately fatal lol.

But what a way to start my morning though - "3:30 am, going to hospital, have a killer disease".

This week I have been trying to plan travel for my children to come visit me in France. I verified itineraries with my daughter, asked her to confirm she was OK with the dates more than once. Yes, yes, everything is good.

I give all the details to the travel agent, she gets the approvals from HR, books the tickets late Tuesday night (my time in France).

Today my daughter calls and asks if they can be changed...after the 24 grace period is over. Apparently she has a cheer practice & competition on the 4th & 5th - while she is still here in France.

No, sorry, the tickets are not changeable unless I personally want to pay the fee and any difference in pricing. And I don't want.

Back in October my Mom mailed a check to my bank in the US, for deposit into my account, for my birthday. She mailed it with a deposit slip directly to the bank branch. As of today it still hasn't been deposited; my mother confirms it has not yet been cashed.

So I call the bank and inquire if it could be sitting on someone's desk because it is not exactly a normal situation...and before I can even finish the person cuts me off with "It is definitely lost in the mail, we never received it". And nothing would budge her from this position to even check with the branch or put a note in the system. Except it has happened before when the property manager mailed in my rent check it sat on someone's desk for more than a week until I called to inquire. I got the same story then ("Oh, it must have been lost in the mail") but miraculously the USPS found it right about then because the deposit showed up the next day in my account. emoticon

So I'll give it a few days and see if the "USPS" pulls off another miracle. If not I'll tell my Mom just to let it go, it's not worth the cancellation fee. She's not out any money that way and if it does eventually show up & get deposited after it has been canceled there will be even more fees.

But...when I called to tell her this she was in tears. My Dad was out trying to find some neighbours to help them lift their dog into the van...they have to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. He had just gotten home from the vet last night and then just collapsed this morning...he can't stand or walk or basically even move, his heart is extremely enlarged & he is retaining about 20 pounds of water. His heartbeats are much slower than they are supposed to be, because his heart is so enlarged.

Clyde is a Great Dane and now weights well over 200 pounds with the water weight. He's also just about 8 years old...and 7 is old for these dogs. Some do live to 10-12 years but many do not.

He's been declining rapidly the last few months and there really is no hope for improvement. He is just old and worn out because of his size and medical conditions (inbred puppy mill dog). They don't want him to suffer, which he is doing right now. I could hear him in the back ground.

So no more phones for me today. I'm afraid of what I might hear next.

ETA: too late, I should have listened to myself. Just checked for texts (because I am waiting to hear from my son about his dr. visit) and had a typical message from DH, the ex-husband. Note the DH in this case does NOT stand for "Dear Husband" but is rather an appropriate description of what he thinks with.
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    I am so sorry. I feel for you! Everyday I say I am not going to even look at my texts or e-mails until after 9:00, but that doesn't happen. It was so much more peaceful when we had normal phones and answering machines. Now, we know everything as it is happening with no time to digest. emoticon
    1661 days ago
    I hear you dear are really going through it with stress right now. Kids certainly have a way of adding to it even thousands and thousands of miles away. What a ditz DD is...and son...well he's just the typical young male in drama training.

    Although I certainly hope he is safe and will soon be healthy again.

    Here's some big hugs to help you deal! emoticon

    I'm especially sorry for your parents and the sadness they are now facing with their beloved dog. I know that when we lost our fur baby was like losing my son all over again. They were our last link to him and he loved those cats with all his heart.

    I'm happy to think they are all together again and just waiting for their dad and mom to make their circle complete further down the river. emoticon

    Hugs to will all work out okay in the end, but in the meantime feel free to blog your frustrations really DOES help as you WELL know....from the Blogger Queen of Spark Universe...I alway appreciate your support and you know I'm always here to support you too! emoticon emoticon
    1661 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2013 10:06:10 AM
    Hug, hug, hug...and another hug just for good measure...
    1662 days ago
    Oh my! I would turn off the phone or at least set the ringtone to the imperial march and hide when it goes off! Sending boogaboogas for a better tomorrow!!
    1662 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    That's just a crappy day. I know some non-dear hubby DH's too. I hope tomorrow is better.
    1662 days ago
    Heck, I would hide my phone!!!!!!!!! I hope things get better
    1662 days ago
    WOW! Why does everything have to be complicated all at once?

    I hope you stuck your phone somewhere you can't hear it!. The way your day is going, the DH will call next!! LOL!!
    1662 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Seems like when it rains it pours and evidently it is a deluge in your neck of the woods. Here is hoping things soon improve and DS is OK and nothing really bad is wrong. So sorry about your parents furbaby-but when it is time, the best we can give them is a peaceful end.
    May tomorrow be a better day.

    1662 days ago
    Damn, and I was about to give you a call!

    I love it when teens just confirms their world view that know everything!
    1662 days ago
    It took me a while, finally figured out the DH, lol. Sorry about the other things going on--way too many for this time of year. Hope things settle down for you very soon.
    1662 days ago
    wow....... like the description of DH! LOL
    1662 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1662 days ago
    Sorry about the spat of bad news - crises....too funny though about the DH!

    Hope your son has nothing serious. emoticon
    1662 days ago
    Hope your day improved!

    I recently lost a large breed pupper and it really hurts. Trust that Clyde will be out of his suffering and playing on the Rainbow Bridge, feeling no pain.

    1662 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/5/2013 2:21:00 PM
    Awwww. I hope your day gets better.
    1662 days ago
    Tough week. Sorry to life is so stressful.
    1662 days ago
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