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Catch Up in Photos!!!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Well, it's been a looong time since I blogged. I don't know what happened. My life got insanely busy when Mr. T moved in (pretty much right around the time I posted the last blog) and has been going non-stop ever since. Instead of trying to write about it for pages and pages, I figured a photo tour through my phone's camera would be a nice way to hit the highlights and assure you that I'm still alive and happy.

First, a quick update on the kiddos. They are doing smashingly well and, well...they've gone and grown up a lot since the last time I posted photos. So, for your viewing enjoyment...

Got glasses!

Got highlights!

Brushed her hair for the first time in years! Haha.

In addition to growing and thriving together, they are thrilled to finally get to spend some good time with Mr. T's boys, A and C.

Everyone just loooooves A.

But they all love each other too. :)

As for Mr. T and I, we had the pleasure of attending a conference for my business in San Diego, CA a few weeks ago. This just so happens to be the city where I grew up and where my two brothers live now. I moved away when I was almost 13 years old and this was my first trip back to the Motherland. Haha.

At the airport

We were lucky to have a couple non-work days to check out the city and spend time with my family. My Dad, who has moved to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and who I haven't seen for maybe four years, drove up to be with us and we had a nice little family Thanksgiving (not too shabby when both your brothers are chefs)!

Me and Dad

My brother's gorgeous lady, Soleil.

The first night, we hung out at my brother's bar, Tiger!Tiger!

Mr. T and I with my brother, Dan.

Wouldn't you know it....I received a text the moment I walked in that said, "Order the beer called 'A Good Amber'. The hottie to your left at the bar recommends it." You guys...it was SANDIEGOJOHN!!!!! We've been friends on SP for a couple years and he FEELS like my family, but I had never met him face to face before. It was not at all awkward. It's like we have always been family. Amazing!

(Posting this pic of him with great hair, to protect myself b/c later on I'm posting one where we both look AWFUL...but it was the only pic that sort of turned out of us. Drat.)

John was SO hospitable and even let us stay at his place the night before we left. Cancelled the hotel and saved quite a bit of money! When we got to his place, his darling hubby was making homemade guacamole and making chips from scratch. Are you kidding me?! He also showed us (and a couple of my co-workers) a WONDERFUL time our first Sunday there, taking us to an all-you-can-eat Mexican brunch with unlimited sangria and mimosas. THAT was a pretty fun morning. And, well...that's about all I can share about that. Haha. (P.S. This was not a healthy eating trip, for the record. In case you haven't yet figured this out.)

I also got to visit with a friend that I haven't seen since I moved away when I was 12 years old, 24 years ago. That was really nice!

Also had dinner with my friend, Lenore (the one who came to visit and run the half marathon I volunteered for a few months ago). I haven't seen her parents since I was a child and they still live in the SAME house. It was surreal being in her backyard. Do you KNOW how many backbends we did in that yard and how many dances we made up when we were about 8 years old?

And, of course, there was plenty of time amidst my busy work schedule for romance.

Can you hear the soundtrack from the beginning of "Grease" in your head yet? Haha.

And, yes, you've been waiting...here is the only surviving photo I have of myself and SANDIEGOJOHN. (I'm sorry, John!)

Got home and immediately jumped into Thanksgiving Break with my kids. I took the week off of work and had them 24/7. It was just a REALLY great time with them. I was worried about them getting bored or fighting a lot and not having enough to do to entertain them but it was a great family time.

On Thanksgiving Day, it was just me and Mr. T and the kids. Mr. T cooked an entire farm fresh, completely organic Thanksgiving dinner all by himself!!!!

Here's a sneak peek of a butternut squash/kale/white cheddar salad and brussel sprouts with quinoa, almonds and dried cranberries. O.M.G.

As if that doesn't quality him for Perfect Man status, he cooked a ham to eat with our leftovers the next night. THEN, the following morning got up and made us apple cinnamon pancakes, eggs with ham and cheese and cinnamon rolls from scratch.

He's amazing!

It's just that...this Thanksgiving and this entire season are so meaningful to us. Just one year ago, both of us were in a whole other life and we were both completely hopeless and miserable. I can hardly believe it's almost been a year since we re-connected as friends on Facebook and helped each other through the hardest time in both of our lives.

This man is everything I've ever hoped for and he's been in front of me for my entire adult life and I just never paid any attention to him. I've said it before, but I can't understand how we've been blessed to be given a second chance. He loves me and my children so well. He treats me like a queen and makes me feel like I have the power to do anything I could ever dream of doing.

To say I am head over heels completely in love with him would be the world's biggest understatement. We both made some mistakes along the way...chose the wrong people. But we got five GORGEOUS little ones out of the deal, which is such a blessing. We have no doubt that we were made for each other. And we will never ever let go again.

Thanking God for family, friends, delicious food and for a second chance at love. Blessings on all of you this holiday season, my sweet Spark friends.
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