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1 month down, 11 to go!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

i did my one month weigh in and measuring this morning. lost 4 lbs (eh) and 11 inches overall! woo hoo! writing those measurements down and comparing them to the numbers from a month ago was so amazing! i have never tracked measurements before and now i know why it's so important! the numbers on the scale just aren't reflective enough of all the blood sweat and tears we go through on a daily basis. they say it's a bad idea to weigh yourself daily, and it's so true! your weight can fluctuate so much throughout the day, week, month. it takes your body about 6 weeks to develop muscle after you start a new workout. so you lose 6 pounds, put on 2 pounds of muscle and then you think you gained 2 pounds when you weigh in. so frustrating! no longer a slave to the scale! i'll use it because i need to track it and it used weekly for weight watchers points. but i won't stress over a small loss or a gain.

for the first week and a half i followed weight watchers, but it's just not time for me to follow a strict eating plan yet. i have too much going on. i know myself, if i try to fix everything at once i'll become overwhelmed, the self-sabotage will kick in and i'll quit. so i'm going to wait for the holidays to pass and i'll start in january. i have been watching what i eat though. without the booze and soda i've been eating way better. my snacks don't equal an extra meal. i don't eat junk food and sweets. yes, i have treats, but it's not daily and it's not something i crave. i eat them cause they are there (or not, i have learned some amazing self control). or i'm pms'ing. ugh!

i have 11 months left to complete this journey. now that the first month is over, i totally feel as though i have the motivation, control and willpower to succeed.

why a year? i don't know. i suppose if i don't accomplish this in the next year then i quit and accept myself the way i am. i know how miserable i am in my current state and i don't want to accept that. so i gave myself a year to fix it.
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