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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

emoticon I have always loved SparkPeople. Even when I do little else to take care of my health, I usually manage to at least earn a consistency award each month. Doing this encourages me to actually do real things (like eat vegetables or take a walk) that will truly benefit my health. There are not words enough to say all the good things I feel about SparkPeople and its wonderful staff.

I love how they are constantly working to update the website and keeping things fresh. I was so excited when we could earn bonus spins for earning 25 points in a day. It gave me a great goal to work toward. Sometimes I would get lucky and get a great spin on the wheel and not have to do much else to meet my minimum daily goal of 25 so I could get that coveted bonus spin.

Then they revamped the start page. I thought it was great to find the little flags that let us "donate" points toward our favorite SparkTeams. What a great way to support our favorite teams and encourage a sense of community amongst team members.

Alas, as great as I initially thought this was, I have to admit it has not worked out like I had hoped. It was fun at first to get some really big bonus points (as high as 50 for a single team!), but now I have found that almost every day I am able to earn my bonus spin by doing nothing more than spinning the wheel and giving bonus points to my favorite teams. I sometimes I have to read a couple articles or something, but most days I do not. And so I get my bonus spin and move on to something else in my day, never taking advantage of all the great things the Spark has to offer. Yes, this is my decision. It is up to me to find the motivation to take advantage of the site's benefits without needing the outside motivation of a bonus spin. I understand this. I realize that with this new set up, this new start page, I need to change my mindset and create a new goal. Just going for a bonus spin is no longer enough. I need to develop a goal that will help me gain real benefit from the use of the site.

Still, I wanted to put my thoughts out there. If, by some small chance, the developers see it, it may give them something to consider as they continue their ever-vigilant work of making the site better and better all the time. As always, I would love feedback from anyone. Do you like the new start page (and why or why not)? How do you get the most from SP... do you schedule a set amount of time each day, have a points goal, or something else?
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    I am one of those people that isn't crazy about change. I love the motivational thingy that you can put your goals and then they flip by. I look at this daily and watch everything that I chose, just because I believe it really helps to review your goals everyday. Other than that I don't really spend any time on that start page. Thanks for blogging about this.
    1589 days ago
    Maybe it's just me - but I am rather surprised to read that people rely on Spark points for motivation! While it is nice to "win" something, my major motivation comes from interacting with and supporting other members. This Spark journey is something we are all on -- not just me. Ironically, I discovered that the more love and support I offer to others, the more motivated I become myself.

    Again -- maybe it's just me...... emoticon

    To each his own: find whatever works for you.....
    1599 days ago
    I am glad you wrote that about the extra spin after 25 points because I also don't push myself to read the articles much anymore. emoticon emoticon
    1599 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    As one points junkie to another, I completely agree. It used to be way more challenging to get that extra spin, and I was willing to do whatever I needed to get there.

    As for the new start page, I think it makes navigating your own page and stats easier, but makes it much more difficult to connect with the rest of the Spark Community - I almost always go right to the Points page and after that my Friend Feed.

    I spend sporadic amounts of time on SP - some days I do well if I just log in, and other days I'll spend a couple hours catching up with Spark Buddies, blogging and reading articles.
    1599 days ago
    I agree with KONRAD...just up your own personal goal for the spark points. I set mine for 100 and if my spins for the teams are low...and lately they have all been 1, 2 or 3 points...no more of those 20 or 50's...I can get 100. I like the new page. The Fitness Minutes have ALWAYS been more important to me than the Spark Points anyway. People who have lots of time to spend on the computer are not racking up Fitness Minutes? And people who buy the products get spark points that those of us who don't spend the money don't get. So spark points aren't really important to me.
    1599 days ago
    Keep spinning and sparking.
    1599 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1600 days ago
    Do what ever it takes so you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and meet your goals! ¢¾ Let the joy of the day begin! ¢¾
    1600 days ago
    I find I spend more time on the spark start page now...filling goals etc. & yes, spins...but always being competitive with MYSELF, I tend to push to reach a HIGHER point total each day I visit...(everyday). What I'm using now is a time limit... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1600 days ago
    Yeah, the first couple days, I didn't realize that the points you gave the teams actually counted on your total, too! Once I got that, I was bummed--I didn't do anything! I could earn 100+ points just on those spins. I don't want to work my way up faster. I want my trophies to be trophies I earned, darn it!

    So I stopped spinning those pennants. Not completely. If I was having a slow day, I'd click on one or two, but one big spin and I'd stop. I thought I'd feel a little guilty "wasting" perfectly good spins, but I don't. There's simply too many of them, so I have to throw them away. Hey, maybe that's a metaphor for food...maybe these SparkPeople really know what they're doing!!!
    1600 days ago
    Hi I found you through the FitBit group and figured I would give your blog a read!

    Well I think ever everyone has different points of motivation for being on Spark People. I admit I like getting points but I want to complete my activities everyday on the Spark Points page. Even before they revamped the start page I didn't use it much. It is easier to deal with on the SP page since you can see everything to do for the day. Not everyone has time to hit all the points and sometimes you have to decide what your focus is for the day. I skip the email points some days and commenting on other blogs if I don't have the time for it. I built about an hour into my day for Spark People so its not a burden or hard for me to do. I have made my health a priority in life and this is one way I choose to do that!

    If I were deciding how many points you need to get to a bonus spin it would be 100, lol. Also that many to give your teams extra points to move up the boards. I'm a fast reader of articles, the health information articles and some other points so its not hard for me to top 100 every day. The blog post, Spark Radio and exercise videos take slightly longer to accomplish but I do 90 minutes- 2 hours of exercise a day. Its just a question of priorities for me, Good Luck! emoticon
    1600 days ago
    The same thing happened to me. I hardly have to do anything to get a bonus spin. I don't read half of what I used to read before and I miss it. Then I have to go to my points to get to the trivia and hope I don't forget to do it because I want to do it every day.

    It's not that I don't like it, I just think the set up is not the best.
    1600 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    you can do it!!
    1600 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    I'll agree with you on this one. The new start page also caught me on a low swing, and I didn't do much more than 25 plus a bonus spin. Maybe there are a lot of people that really wanted to get the points up there. Now that I'm doing better I'll have to set my goal to 50 points before I spin the bonus wheel. emoticon emoticon
    1600 days ago
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