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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hello SparkBuddies!

It's been so long. Inspiration doesn't seem to hit as often as it used to but I'm doing well! Lots of changes, though!

Some of you may remember that I wrote a blog entry a while back about some poor experiences I was having at the gym. And then that I decided to go back to P90X, this time with the sequel. That went well for a while but I found myself getting bored. Don't get me wrong. P90X2 is a challenge. And it taught me that I'm able to do so much more than I thought I could. Plyo pushups and clapping pushups and ridiculous balance moves. But boredom is the killer of fitness.

I'd been missing running and we officially quit our gym. So I joined Planet Fitness (a gym I have always been kind of opposed to) because it's cheap and I can use the cardio equipment. I pinned SparkPeople's 10k Your Way program and have begun that. I love it so far. I'm definitely settling in to running more than ever.

If you guys are on Pinterest, totally come follow me. And let me know you have or I won't notice. My username is BazookaBobcat.

AwesomeHusband and I also bought a power rack and some mats for the basement and set up an olympic bar and plates for powerlifting. AH recently asked me to join him while dead lifting. SparkFriends, I have hurt myself dead lifting a lot of times. It is always debilitating for several days. My father has chronic lower back problems having to do with the shape of his lower back/hips that I think I inherited. So I gave up dead lifting for a long time. But when AH asked me to join him, I did. And I was terrified. And it went really really well.

So last night I meant to go running. But AH asked me to deadlift with him again. We warmed up with 115. I did 10 reps and felt great.

Then 135lbs x 10. Still felt awesome.

Jumped to 155lbs. Did probably five reps. Two sets there. Still feeling good.

Jumped to 185lbs. Did one rep. Felt good. Felt so strong.

AH loaded the bar to 205lbs. You guys may remember when I reached that goal. Maybe not. It was over a year ago. I haven't come anywhere close since. But I lifted it. And felt so strong.

So I told AH that I felt like I could keep going. So he loaded it to 225lbs. He did a set of probably six and then I got behind the bar.

I squatted down to stretch out my hips and get my mind right.

AH made a joke from Hot Rod that cracked me up so I stayed stretching for a little while.

And then this happened.

That's a PR for me, guys. That is a PR by FAR. That is 20lbs more than a weight I haven't touched in a very long time.

I needed this, you guys. I am more comfortable in my body than I have been in a long time. But I still feel it. I still have those terrible self-doubting moments. I look at the scale and I remember the time when I was a weight 15lbs lower than that number. And I think to myself, "You've gotten fat."

"You're out of shape."

"You've given up."

But then, when I have an amazing run.

Or do five clapping pushups right in AH's face because he acted incredulous when I said I could do them.

Or dead lift 225lbs after taking nearly a year's break from that lift.

I remember that this body is good. It is so strong. And it does not deserve my negative self talk.

It feels GOOD to be proud and take photos. And maybe it's also a little narcissistic but who cares. I certainly don't.

Speaking of which, come follow me on Instagram, too. The_Haack_Attack. Let me know, though, so I don't cancel your request. hahaha.

And SparkFriends, keep posting your blog entries full of goals and PRs and successes. You've no idea how much it helps me and encourages me.

So many good and worthwhile bodies out there. Feels good to remind each other of it.
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