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It's the most wonderful time of the year! New Month Goals!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

DECEMBER?! It's freakin dec?! Gesh, this year legit flew by! I love this time of year--shopping, holidays, family, the fooooood haha! This past weekend was a bad one for me. Thanksgiving I ate too much, naturally. I mean it'd be unamerican if I didn't right? haha! Then on Saturday I had a wedding and O. M. G. I don't know what my deal was but I ate sooo much that I was literally in pain by the time I got to bed around 3am! Highly disappointed in myself I don't know why I feel the need to binge like that---It's like I go into panic mode that I'll never be able to have this food again and I'm stuffing myself for winter storage! Back on track and drinking a ton of water. I felt so crappy and it just goes to show how bad food makes you , well, feel bad! I can do this! Now, onto November Goals...Let's see how I did:

1800 fitness minutes--did exactly that. On the 30th I soooo didn't feel like working out and I checked my fitness tracker and it was only at 1718. So my pride wouldnt let me not hit the 1800 goal! So glad I did!
Lose 5lbs-- CHeck :)
Change up fitness--still doing 99.9% cardio but I'll randomly add in some other exercises. Gotta load up on squats b/c my butt has disappeared. I'm ready to put it's picture on a milk carton. I miss it!
Eat out less--Did well on this :)
Enjoy Thanksgiving, dont binge---well we know how that went down!

Also I mentioned about wanting to hit a size 6 jeans---CHECK! That was an exciting day!! Well here we go...let's end this insanely amazing year right.

Dec Goals:

1800 Fitness Minutes
Get to goal weight- 3lbs!!!
TRY TRY TRYYYY not to binge at the millions of holiday parties!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and good luck moving into this crazy month of treats! ha! I've already started my Resolution List , too! Feels awesome that all my 2013 ones are crossed off!! :) :) Can't wait for 2014! Also,here's a photo of my fiance' and me on Thanksgiving :)

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