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Focus T25 Day 0 - Journey 1 for the best year of my life

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Since I was a teenager I always thought to myself that 27 years old would be the year that I would have the best year of my life. I have no idea why, but I was always fixated on it. I wanted to be healthy by 27, living in my own place by 27, be doing really well at work by 27 - I wanted to be the best me possible by the time I was 27 so that I could have the best year of my life (to date). Well, I've been 27 for almost a month now and don't really feel any different. I want to make 27 the stepping stone to the best next chapter of my life ever! I want this to be the year I transform my body, to continue working hard at work and building my career, and to be able to move out by my 28th birthday (which means a super strict budget). This is my year.

I've been thinking lately about my time doing Insanity and I still haven't figured out what was different about it that made me stick with it. It wasn't just the program, there was some stubbornness super power I was tapping into that was helping to push me along and motivate me to get up morning after morning and do the workouts. I don't know what it was or where it came from, but I've made the decision to tap into it again. Starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be waking up at 6am, be out of bed and have pushed play by 6:15, and will be restarting T25 Alpha Cycle - once and for all. 14 weeks fo Alpha, Beta, and Gamma - and part of me can't wait!

Today and during this holiday break I did some massive cleaning - I went through clothes, books, areas that I don't normally go into, threw away a bunch of stuff, and am mentally and spacially (is that a word?) prepared to get to work. I have a grocery list made up. I'm on a budget right now what with Christmas right around the corner, so I'm mostly trying to get through my stock of stuff that I keep on hand, like soups, cereal, and pouches of sweet and spicy tuna and will be supplementing with yummy fruits and veggies and nuts. .

I noticed lately that I went back to massive night time snacking - for no reason other than the fact that I enjoy putting things in my mouth. That's the simple truth of it. I LIKE to EAT! Not just the flavors, I enjoy the process of eating. Gum helps some, but it doesn't completely satisfy like eating does. So as I ate the foods I was snacking on at night, I replaced them with healthier options. For example, a box of clemintines so that now when I want to snack on something I can peel a clemintine or two and eat the wedges. I also have pretzel nuggets, which I only eat about a hanful of at a time anyway. It's helped cut down on my night time munchies, and when I do munch, it's healthier than I was munching on before.

I printed off some things that I'll be using to help me on my journey. I found my nutrisystem workbook from a few years ago that help you breakdown why you do things and how you can change your habits. Those worksheets, along with my T25 workout sheets (that I can only find for Alpha and Beta, unfortunately), and my Michi's ladder meal planner are going to help me out with things.

Things at work have been super de duper busy - the charity work I'm the committee director of has begun and there has been a lot to do for it, as well as all of the normal end of the year things that my regular work load involves. This was a really nice break from everything, even though I did work for several hours on Saturday. Thursday I spent the day cleaning and at night went to my Aunt's house, Friday I stayed in and cleaned more and did a bunch of Christmas shopping online, yesterday I went to work for most of the day and babysat at night, and today I did a lot more cleaning and organizing and prepped for my T25 journey.

Things with my coworkers/friends are all over the place right now. I haven't been going out and partying like I used to, and for the most part I don't really see them. But every now and then I'll go to the bar with a particular one or two whose company I really enjoy, and we laugh and have a good time. It's a lot more enjoyable than the partying downtown until crazy hours on Friday nights.

While cleaning today I found some pictures of myself from when I was younger and playing sports. It's amazing to see what I looked like, before I knew to value it. I was healthy looking - not skinny, but thin, with hour glass curves. As I looked at those pictures I kept thinking, "man, I wish I still looked like that" and then I realized how absolutely ridiculous that is! It's not like I'm handicapped, or paralyzed, or diatbetic, etc - I have NOTHING getting in the way except my laziness. I COULD look like that again if I put my mind to it. I'm 27 years old with no excuses. But more that than, I want to be healthier than I was back then. Back then I would eat whatever I wanted because I was training 7 days a week and didn't know how to fuel my body. My life revolved around training and working at the sports office and being in school - not food. Now my life is centered more on food. That's the habit I need to break. Get back into working out on a regular basis, eating healthy foods that are good for me and fuel my body, and becoming the best me possible.

It's time to put my butt into gear and continue on this journey of being healthy. I've decided that I'm not going to set any weight loss goals - those goals make me feel like a failure if I don't meet them, no matter how hard I try. I'm going to weigh in once a week or two in order to keep track of my progress, but will not have a weight goal.

My general December goals:

1) Increase veggie intake during the day
2) Do not miss a single Alpha workout - if necessary to take a day off then double up, etc, but do every scheduled workout.
3) Get back on a sleep schedule/routine - my life and outlook was better with it.
4) Celebrate achievements

Hope you all had a Sparktastic holiday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's good to have you back. I'm happy that you're ready to get back into T25 & that you've not only set goals but made plans to achieve them. emoticon you. emoticon emoticon
    1603 days ago
    Good luck I liked T25 so nice to be able to get it in and done in 25 minutes! Sounds like your making great plans! You should totally use those old pictures to make a motivation board they are great I love mine :)
    1605 days ago
    I'm not sure what Insanity is (ok, I know what it is, but I think you mean something different and positive!), but I'm glad you had a breakthrough in your thinking and admire your determination. Here's cheering for you as you begin to battle back to where you want to be.
    1606 days ago
    Interesting blog. I'm actually curious as to why you stopped doing Insanity? You strike me as the kind of person who should totally be into Paleo and Crossfit, lol!
    1606 days ago
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