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Weigh-In -- 1Dec13

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Weighed the same this week. No surprise, again my eating habits weren't very good. Portion control is all out of whack. I do well in the morning, at lunch (usually), but flake out when it comes to dinner... Even when I have something planned, I manage to sabotage it almost as soon as I walk in the door. I am just going to have to get stuff ready the night before for my dinner and have it ready to put on the stove, or pop into the oven or microwave when I get home. Or get it into the crockpot in the morning.

Usually I don't eat really bad stuff, just too much and not enough freggies.

Goals from last week and comments

Better nutrition -- more freggies -- a very slight improvement. Did manage a couple of dinners that were pretty reasonable and at lunch had homemade soups with veggies in them.

Staying within the calorie range - Better, but still not very good. Ate at the high end or slightly over most of the week. But I had a couple days that were way over.

Continue drinking my water -- Did pretty well here, got it all in, but some days it was close. I am trying to get more water in the morning at work instead of the diet cola, and am trying to cut back on the soda.

Continue at least 10 minutes of exercise a day -- Did really well on this, most days were in the 15 minute range.

Get to bed before 11 p.m. -- Squeaked by on this, but a couple nights did not get right to sleep.

So, next week's goals are the same, mostly --

Better nutrition -- more freggies

Staying within the calorie range

Continue drinking my water

Continue at least 10 minutes of exercise a day

Get to bed before 10:45 p.m. -- Gonna try to move it up a bit

And add to that -- be more faithful doing the nutrition tracking

And --- get rid of some of the clutter around the cooktop.

November was (and always will be) a very difficult month for me to get through. Along with the shortening days, and more wintry weather, it also marked the one year anniversary of the car wreck that killed my son and inflicted injuries to me. I am mostly recovered physically, but I feel anguish every day over the loss of Roy. Time has done little this year to ease the pain of loss. There are so many times that I want to ask him where he put something, or could he explain something about what was going on with my computer, or what was he fixing for supper. Hopefully, this coming year will help. I now understand why in the past the tradition was to observe a full year of mourning.

On a lighter note, today I got out in the yard and put away some of the things that needed to be sheltered before winter hit.

It is supposed to storm starting with freezing rain tonight and then snow and cooling temperatures through Wednesday and then colder with below zero F. temperatures the rest of the week. I sure wish I could stay home for this, but I need to go to work... Time to finish digging out the winter gear. Turtlenecks and long johns will be the uniform of the week.

I had two days off work at Thanksgiving and hauled the old non-working dishwasher out and set in a couple of vanity sized base cabinets that I had upstairs that I wasn't using. My Kitchen-Aid mixer fits in just right and it's amazing at how much room I now have on that counter. I ordered some drawer slides to install in the cabinet to make it easier for access. They should come in next week. Now to do some more counter decluttering.

Time to get off the computer and get some soup made for lunches for the coming week. I seem to have a lot of turkey... (Our business gave each employee a 22 1/2 pound turkey and I didn't have freezer space for it!!) After I cooked it, I bagged up the dark meat and froze it in 12 oz. portions to use in chili, so I thought that's what I'd make tonight. I sliced off half of the white meat and have been eating it in sandwiches, w. alfredo sauce, etc. and froze the other half on my back porch. Getting that thawed and portioned out will be my next week's kitchen project.

I have been knitting quite a bit lately. I am on a hat kick. As soon as I get some pictures taken, I will post them. I haven't been using a pattern for most of them, I just use them to try out pattern ideas, so no two are alike. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them, I have been toying with the idea of setting up an shop. More research is needed.

Have a good week everyone!!

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    Just wanted to know I'm thinking of you & I feel and understand your deep sense of loss. You mentioned you still look for him when looking for something or what's for dinner,,I do the same thing!! I try to text my mom a good morning message almost daily,,or send cute new pics of her 1st great grand baby,,uugghh,,and time hasn't done much for me either....although, you have remained a very strong and supportive force here on Spark and I for one truly appreciate that!
    2078 days ago
    I'm glad I read this post. How did I know to pop in on this particular one? My dad was a year in October. My brother not until March. My other brother (April 2012) seems so long ago. He got short shrift. I imagine losing a son would be excruciating. Life (and death) is just weird and random. There is no making sense of it.

    On a lighter note, it was 80-something here today. My ac is running. But tomorrow your cold air arrives. I welcome it!

    Congrats on your streak. That's really phenomenal.

    2084 days ago
    2086 days ago
    Glad I stopped by your blog. Cool beans on the knitting hats. I'd love to see photos. I'm on a scarf kick right now with my crocheting.

    I love your background page! Adorable.

    My heart goes out to your pain surrounding the loss of your son and the anniversary of his death. Even though time may ease the pain a bit, I know that you will always feel his loss and no matter what we all say, nothing will make it better. I pray you feel him in the everyday little things that happen no matter how long he has been gone. Hugs and prayers.

    I've totally slipped on my water drinking and since allowing soda back into my life have had the hardest time giving it up again. That was a huge mistake on my part. I need to go back to just water, hot tea and iced tea in the summer. I felt better doing that than I do now with coffee drinks and soda in the mix.

    Hope your week goes well and that you can stay warm. The storm has hit us and it has been dark all day with the low, dark rainy clouds.

    2086 days ago
    It was so interesting to catch up with all that you are doing.

    I think about what you went through a lot and am amazed at how well you cope. I was in a bad car wreck once and was severely injured and was even afraid to rid in a car for years. I'm still very paranoid of cars and especially bad weather. I know you are strong and will continue to heal. emoticon
    2087 days ago
    A mother never gets over the grief of the loss of a child. I grieve with you, not that I've had that happen to me, but I've been witness to it several times, including with my own mom and the death of my oldest brother.

    The best to expect is something will brighten each day that reminds you of him to tell you he is watching you from above.

    An idea for you on night time eating: start with a salad, then soup. On the way home have a large bottle of water and perhaps a piece of fruit.

    Hugs and kisses
    2087 days ago
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