Day Three of Juice Fast

Sunday, December 01, 2013

So I continued eating like a maniac for days on days. I have finally surrendered and began a juice fast with my mom. My long arching goal is to eventually complete sixty days, in line with Joe Cross' Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; but I am doing the short term goals first. I am shooting for fifteen days right now.

It is nice to have a few days of success after having so many lapses over the last few months. I weighed myself one evening (likely weighted down with food) and the scale read 217, which means that I gained nearly 15 pounds.

I weighed myself upon starting the juice fast and the scale said I was 212. Now it says that I'm 207 (water weight).

I am also drinking kombucha, water, green and herbal tea (I know that caffeine is a toxin, but I am limiting it overall.)

I am occasionally allowing myself solid foods. On day one, we ran into issues with the juicer for example, so I ate some grapes and carrots to hold me over while we got that situated.

I also bought a couple avocados for the work week. It is hard to juice enough for the entire work day and I don't think it makes much sense for me to juice at work. I could, but cleaning the juicer would be a major hassle.

I ran a 5k yesterday. My time was 38:58, which wasn't bad considering I didn't train for it. I wasn't really able to because I had a dog bite on my leg which required that I rest. The only other 5k (without obstacles) that I did before was last spring and I couldn't run the entire thing and my time was 44:40.

Along with my juice fast, I'm doing a facebook fast. I have had a couple lapses for informational purposes, but I haven't done my usual time wasting scrolling. My goal is to stop stuffing myself with things outside of myself to find comfort within. I am trying to become more spiritually connected. I also want to do a better job at getting things done. (I have a major problem with procrastination.) Unfortunately, I am doing a bunch of last minute grading and planning right now after having four and a half days off. Hopefully, I will get better with time.

Those pictures are from my first 5k on June 29, 2013. I did it in 44:40 and was unable to run for over a mile. That was a week and a half into my weight loss journey with Spark People. I was approximately 227 pounds.

The above photo is from the 5k on November 30. I weighed about 212 pounds, did it in 38:58, and jogged the entire time. I took a bit over a month off from sparking. I may have blogged, but I was only talking about the problem, but not doing anything about it.

I hope I can beat my 5k time by another 5 minutes next race! Time to get back on track. I deserve to continue on a path to good health. I don't look healthy in the first picture. I look a bit healthier in the second, but I deserve to continue getting healthier, increase my endurance, lose excess weight, and stop polluting my body with processed crap.
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    Nice job on cutting your 5K time so much! I can't wait until I can jog the whole time...

    Good luck with your juice fast. I hope it gives you what you're looking for. I could never just drink my calories, personally emoticon

    I am not sure what you're reading regarding caffeine... it may be a "drug" of sorts, but it also comes housed in some of the highest-antioxidant-foods in the human diet (tea and coffee) and most of the new studies are showing it has many more benefits than detriments. I ain't givin' it up! emoticon

    1935 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    keep up the good work!!
    1936 days ago
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