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Poisoned! A precautionary tale

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I had a bad night on Friday, and an even worse day on Saturday. I literally felt as though someone had pummeled me in the stomach. Because I felt so bad, I got little sleep on Friday night, and when I got up on Saturday, I had no appetite at all. Unfortunately, what I did have were house guests. Now, these are people I genuinely like, and had really been looking forward to seeing again. On Saturday morning, however, houseguests were about as welcome as the flu, which I was beginning to worry that I had. I managed to choke down a little cereal for breakfast, plaster on a phony smile, and say, “Well, what should we do today?” Sadly, my houseguests did not respond with, “Let’s all retire back to our beds, and spend the day in a stupor” which is what I would have preferred to hear. So, into the car we trooped and spent the day sightseeing. At least they saw the sights, I spent most of my day going through a mental litany of my symptoms and probable horrifying causes. “Let’s see,” I thought as a drove down the freeway, “salmonella?” “No, can’t be that,” my mental dialog continued, because I had no nausea (except when thinking about food), and none of the other equally nasty consequences of that particular microbe. “Ulcers, maybe?” wondering if one could actually develop ulcers by worrying about having them. Hmmm, none of that seemed right. “The flu?” No, my throat wasn’t sore, I had no fever, and my aches were completely centered about my middle section. “A stomach virus?” Nope! Same problem as with salmonella.

In the meantime, my friends got hungry (as normal people are wont to do), so we stopped for lunch, where I managed to eat a cup of vegetable soup and a piece of wheat toast. Big mistake – more stomach pummeling ensued. At long last we headed for home, but then there was dinner to be faced. While my friends feasted on fried oysters, wine and other lovely delicacies, I had a scrambled egg, some unbuttered grits (I managed about ¼ cup of those) and another piece of dry toast. It was about that time when I finally accepted the sad, but obvious conclusion that my predicament was entirely of my own doing. You see, I’ve been Sparking now for a year and a half, and have drastically altered my lifestyle. I now eat reasonable quantities of wholesome, healthy food (imagine!). I don’t deny myself guilty pleasures, but instead sprinkle them into my diet on occasion and in moderation. “And if Thanksgiving isn’t an occasion, what is!” my indulgent-self protested. “Yes, but remember – in moderation” my Sparked-self replied.

In reviewing my sins of the past two days, the word “moderation” was hardly applicable. First, there was the heaping plate of food of which I ate every bite on Thanksgiving. “Yes, but we didn’t eat the pumpkin cheesecake for dessert” my indulgent-self whined. “No, but you ate it for breakfast on Friday!” my Sparked-self replied. “And then there was the second glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner, the tapas plate filled with rich cheeses and fatty meats before dinner on Friday, the pork with that rich onion fig sauce for Friday dinner, followed by the pumpkin pie, and all washed down with a few more glasses of wine. Face it, you brought this on yourself!”

Sad, but true… It seems that a year and half of a healthy lifestyle ill prepared me for a weekend of decadence. Lucky for me, the lesson was blessedly short-lived, and I’m almost back to normal today. And it was a lesson well-learned. I don’t want to live like that anymore. Yes, the pumpkin cheesecake was delicious, and there are more pumpkin cheesecakes in my future, I’m sure. But I am resolved to be responsible about the way I treat my body, and to continue down the path that Spark People has set me upon… a well-rounded healthy diet in a well-rounded healthy life. And as for the pumpkin cheesecake, sure, I’ll still have a piece now and then – just maybe not for breakfast.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Couldn't have said it better myself "a well-rounded healthy diet in a well-rounded healthy life."....I did not like the food coma this holiday put me in either....healthy is the only way to go!!!

    2721 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14334808
    Ditto here---ate and drank WAY too much, I was looking forward to it, wasn't I? Our stomachs are creatures of habit, I guess....now I have to follow suit!
    I was amused, however, at pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast. I routinely eat pumpkin pie for breakfast during holidays, except for the eggs, it's not that different than my pumpkin smoothies. Of course, I don't eat the crust; don't like pie crust!
    2721 days ago
    A very hard lesson to learn but everything you said is so true. As you turn away from the unhealthy food, eating them and without portion control can make you feel really terrible. Glad you're feeling better and wiser.

    2721 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Whew! This never happens at the Cybercafe here.

    Lessons do tend to be painful.

    A good warning to the rest of us about big holiday meals. And leftovers.
    2722 days ago
    You are a wonderful writer my friend !

    .....I felt like I was right there ,along with you with every step of your journey.

    Glad your felling better !
    2722 days ago
    Oh my, a hard lesson to learn the hard way! It's so true, as we eat healthier our bodies do rebel to reverting to old habits. I wasn't sick, so I have to think I wasn't being as good as I thought because I did wolf it down! So glad you're feeling better though!
    2722 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    And what a lesson to learn! I'm finding that I can't eat like I used to either. That's a good thing, right? Now, if I could just listen to those alarm bells in the first place I would feel great all the time.

    Glad you're feeling better!
    2722 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    A very good lesson! I have experienced the same thing, though to a lesser degree.

    2722 days ago
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