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How My Carb Loaded Days Went...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

When I decided to do keto, or low carb, I knew holidays would be an exception. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, even though coming nearly every two to three weeks in the Winter, would be "free days." This was to keep my sanity as well as enjoy my life. Everything in moderation right?

Well, I remember how bad I felt when I first started getting into the keto state, also known as keto flu. Well it's NOTHING compared to what I am feeling now. And not really worth it either.

Did I enjoy my sweets, my dressing, my mom's rolls? Yes and no. Everything tasted fine, as it was assured by my mom and dad. But it didn't taste that great. I mean, yes it was good, but it didn't do anything. I didn't do a happy dance like I did with the raspberries. It was just food. Everything any more is just food. I even found myself missing my Chai Spice latte and my cheese and my raspberries.

Plus it gave me some weird symptoms. I was already spotting (whatever, I have PCOS, periods and weirdness go hand and hand), but yesterday and today, I had cramps. I had headaches. I even had one of my bipolar like rage thingy I get once in a while. I took a nap in the chair. I had hot flashes. I felt, and feel like utter poo. No wonder why people that do keto don't have off days that much. I feel worse than when I was elimatinating carbs.

I made a pecan pie, that just didn't do much for me. It was a bit too sweet. The pumpkin pie (again made by me) was good, but I get that again for Christmas (as well as cherry cheesecake pie). The dressing, yet again made by me, was fine, good in fact. But I just really didn't want as much as I normally eat. The rolls which my mom made (though I have a feeling this will also fall to me on Christmas) were really good. But that's because it wasn't sweet. The turkey was really yummy, but it's nearly all gone. I'm going to grab the rest for lunch in a bit.

I actually made my mom take the unfinished half of the pecan pie to work because I didn't have any desire to finish it, neither did she. We mostly make it for me and my dad, but it's too hard for him to eat now (he has bad teeth).

I even stole a piece of chocolate from my mom. It was actually awful. Like just bad. Hard to explain. Friday I ate much like Thursday, but this was because I didn't want leftover to 1) go to waste and 2) tempt me today. Good idea, just wish I felt better.

I didn't get my Equalizer yet, but that's due on Tuesday. I am planning on restarting the 30 Day Challenge again (with some Zumba/yoga after). I am converting a backpack into a makeshift sandbag, and will probably only have two or three day's without my Equalizer. Another issue is the 8 pound weights might not be heavy enough. Hehe. I'll make due.

I am saving up my Swagbucks again, and I am really ranking them in. I have enough so far to max out my five $5 Amazon gift card limit for December. And by December 6th, I'll have enough to max out January's too. I might as well get them while I can!

I keep toying with the idea of going to work. I know I need too, but I just don't want to be one of these flakey people that work for a month, then stop because it becomes too much for them. Which is what happened last time. I really want, and need the money, especially now of all times. I don't know about that health insurance thing though. My issue is working with people. If I work with the same people everyday, I'll be okay, but public people...not so much.

I will be going back to eating keto today, so today is kinda a detox if you will. Lots of water, tea, and fiber!!! The eating totally messed my system up. I really want to make some fat bombs, but I really rather have some erythirol (or however you spell it) for them. I am also going to do some more changes to them, and make them a coconut MINT patty fat bomb. Yummy!

Okay, food then more Doctor Who. I am re-watching from season 3, because I missed a few episodes here and there, and I saw them out of order. I'm up to season 4 on Amazon Prime. Only a few more episodes. This is my favorite season. Donna Noble is AWESOME!

Okay, well have a good weekend guys! Hope your Thanksgivings went well!

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    Have you looked into a career where you can work from home? (not like the internet scams, but actual careers?)

    I used to work transcribing audio files into written documents. It doesn't pay super-well at first (you get paid by the piece, and less for work with errors), but you can get into it pretty fast.

    If you have programming experience, it's a lot easier to find a work-from-home situation.

    Good luck!
    1632 days ago
    Aha, so I am not insane. My rant on how food is just food makes sense. Over time, not eating something will change your tastes. I can't eat candy anymore because it tastes awful. Now if only I could stop craving burgers and onion rings... that's the real hurdle lol.

    Yea this new healthcare law requires you to get health insurance. As an HR person I would like to say this law has been giving me migraines and tension headaches since September. emoticon
    1635 days ago
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