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I’m not sure how…

Friday, November 29, 2013

But I actually managed to lose over the holiday! I went to weigh in today and I lost 3.2 pounds. I made a point to track most everything including the sodas. It is not so easy to make sure everything is tracked, but I’m definitely going to try it again this week. I even went back to a paper tracker. That way if I choose to do Simply Filling for a few days, I’ll still know what I’ve eaten. I am also going to try to do my meal planning with an Excel spreadsheet that I found online that will allow me to put in 7 days’ worth of meals in at the same time so I can see how many PointsPlus I have planned for the week and the positive thing is that as long as I don’t enter them in the tracker until I have eaten it, it really doesn’t matter what day I eat it on. It will allow me to “think” about all my meals/snacks. My goal is to be at 185 or below by the January 1st. I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself as I have been going back and forth with the same 5-ish pounds. I want to make sure that the changes I am making are going to last. I am not fighting for perfection, but for progress and changing my mindset. If I focus more on my mindset, then I can truly make this a lifestyle change. I know I can do this, just one step at a time.
Recommit Weight: 193.6; 08/22/2013
First Weigh in: 191.6, Loss 2.00; 08/30/2013
Second Weigh in: 189.8, Loss 1.8; 09/05/2013
Third Weigh in: 190.00, Gain 0.2; 09/12/2013.
Fourth Weigh in: 189.4, Loss 0.6; 09/19/2013
Fifth Weigh in: 190.6; Gain 1.2; 09/26/2013
Sixth Weigh In: 188.6; Loss: 2; 10/03/2013
Seventh Weigh in: 188.4; Loss 0.2; 10/10/2013
Eighth Weigh in (at home): 190.5; Gain 2.1; 10/17/2013
Ninth Weigh in: 189.4; Loss: 1.1; 10/24/2013
Tenth Weigh in: 191.4; Gain 2.0; 10/31/2013
Eleventh Weigh in: 189.4; Loss 2.0; 11/7/2013
Twelfth Weigh in: 190.4; Gain 1.0; 11/14/2013
Thirteenth Weigh In: 192.2; Gain 1.8; 11/21/2013
Fourteenth Weigh In: 189; Loss 3.2; 11/29/2013
Total Loss 4.6 pounds.
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