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Time - A Waste or an Investment? (Blog #446)

Friday, November 29, 2013

emoticon After reading article last week about a man who is traveling the world by walking (for the next seven years!), I got to thinking about how having the convenience of a car impacts my thinking about time. He talks about a concept that I had considered before: the car brain. The car culture has moved our brains into different thinking patterns; the car has subtly moved us from walking culture values to car culture values.

emoticon I had the day off on Wednesday so I decided to go to get some blood work done ... an event I usually put off with ease; I am not fond of the needled experience, but it had to be done. Because I had most of the day just for me, I felt like I had plenty of time to "spare". Instead of hopping in my car to drive the 15 miles or so, I rode my bike. After the lab work, I kept going to my gym and spent another hour on the treadmill, lost in the flow of good music and a steady pace.

emoticon It took me about an hour or so to ride my bike. In a world of cars where a trip to the doctor's office could take me a mere 20 minutes or less, the use of TIME - a whole hour one way - becomes a question of a "waste of time" vs. "an investment of time." My "car brain" jumped to the conclusion that riding my bike to the doctor's office would be a waste of time. But, my non-car brain bravely pointed out, the time on my bike was simply a great investment of time to benefit my own health.

emoticon Today's fast moving "car" culture impacts our health is so many ways - often not to our benefit. We interpret our use of time in term of how much we can pack into the limited quantities of time we have. If we can get somewhere faster, we judge ourselves "great time managers." And yet, we have potentially short changed ourselves out of time by not walking, not running, not biking, all with the goal of "saving time."

emoticon Next time you think about taking the 'faster" route by jumping in your car or parking closer to your destination, think about how you are defining your time as a waste or as an investment.

"With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun."
Author Unknown

A crisp start to the day on my mountain!
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