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Vote With Your Fork

Friday, November 29, 2013

I just finished reading a very interesting article here on SP, "Vote with Your Fork
Create Change, One Bite at a Time." In it they described how you 'vote with your fork' by what you choose.

1 - Lower health care costs - yes, I agree that if you eat healthier your costs will go down. You probably won't go to the doctor as much as those who are still eating improperly and not exercising. What bugs me are people who run to the doctor for everything. I see it all the time where I work. I hurt my knee in a weird twist and I had people bugging me all day to go to the doctor. My feeling is, just give it a day or two and it might get better on it's own (it did). Why waste $130.

2 - Be against disposable bags at the grocery - definately this one is easy to follow. I've been taking my own canvas bags for years. I keep them in my car (and not in the trunk!) so they are always ready when I shop. Sometimes I even remember to take plastic disposable containers if I know I'll be buying something from the deli counter. Saves on those plastic bags they use that never reclose after you open them.

3 - Be against unhealthy food choices - well they mention chips and cookies in the article. Personally I don't buy these very frequently. I do think they can be part of a healthy diet IF you don't overdo. Chips once in awhile are a nice treat. Measure them out so you don't overeat.

4 - Purchase locally grown produce - who doesn't love stuff from a farm stand or a farmer's market? It even smells better than that stuff in the grocery that's been trucked in from who-knows-where.

5 - Inhumane treatment of animals - well this is a touchy subject. We actually broke a contract with a farmer who plowed our fields because of his treatment of the cows he raises. Those poor things stand up to their knees in their own excrement and no longer get to go outside. They live full-time in an open barn. It is disgusting. Eat more meatless meals.

6 - Against eating on the run - well this is a tricky one. I'm actually pretty grateful for these restaurants when I am traveling. The food is fast, less money, and if you choose carefully is pretty good too. I think they are saying don't eat there all the time, and well, that's a no-brainer.

7 - Eat small portions - yup that goes with #6 above. No-brainer.

8 - Avoid food waste - this one is huge with me. I am absolutely appalled by the amount of waste I see. At the school where I work the lunch periods are so short (20 minutes) that many kids don't have enough time to finish their lunches and are not allowed to take anything out of the lunchroom. It just gets thrown out. And those Red Delicious apples they make the kids take every day - 90% are thrown away without even 1 bite taken from them. But adults waste too. I have relatives who take seconds at our family get-togethers, take a single bite and pitch the rest. Such waste.

Now I know many people will not agree with me and that is okay. This is my blog and I'm stating my opinion. I just found this article very interesting. If it pops up on your Start page give it a look.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I liked this blog. Yes, it makes my hair stand straight when I see the food being wasted at schools. Just makes my hair stand on end.
    Wow, 20 minutes for a lunchbreak? If any of the schools where I worked did that, the children would be bouncing on the walls all day not having a decent break from their academic classes. LOL. (Some do!)

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    100+ Pounds Team
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    1595 days ago
    Interesting. I haven't seen that article yet. I agree the waste in schools and elsewhere is horrible. I'm trying to be much more conscious of it at home.
    1608 days ago
    I agree with you but take it much further than you stated here. I have a sensitivity to many items called "food". 40 years ago it was food. Sure cooked and broiled and fried but it was still food. Don't be too sure what you are eating - you'd be very surprised and shocked.

    As to running to the doctor every time you burp: I worked in the medical insurance claims department. I know too much of what goes on. Fraud, abuse, over-charging. Yep, I am very glad I don't add to the problem. I think the best health coverage is eating healthy, sleeping well, drinking water and staying active.

    1608 days ago
    Good article and generally good advice, with some caveats. We might all do well to avoid GMOs too, since we really have no idea what they are doing to us!! IMHO!
    1608 days ago
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