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Down the Rabbit Hole (photos)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I seriously think that while I slept last night, a portal to another dimension opened up in my closet and sucked me down into a rabbit hole, where this is some werided out paralleled version of reality.

I am sitting at Thanksgiving dinner with my family... My Grandmother' are talking about NFL football... I am taking selfies of me and my Grandmothers and posting them to Facebook so that all of HER Facebook friends can comment on the photo I tagged her in. I get home, and she has our family photo on her wall with me tagged in it!

I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this. I don't know what it is that amazes me about it... but the fact that my 80 year old Grandmother has a Facebook just blows my mind.

Come to think of it... I speak more to my Grandmother via Facebook than in person and on the phone...

Anyway - Thanksgiving Dinner (well... lunch) was amazing. My Mother is such a wonderful cook. We had a ton of great food, but I honestly didn't eat too much, and stuck with very small portions of everything. I even managed a very small sliver of pumpkin pie and a few spoon fulls of ambrosia. All in all it was wonderful and I made great choices!

Tonight, I am chilling out because I have a special Thanksgiving X-Bike class. It is an hour long (instead of the usual 45 mins) and it promises to be amazing! I haven't been to the gym all week! I was going to 6 pm PC Fit tonight, then I left Mother's house late, and stopped at a store and lost track of time... so I didn't make it! I feel like such a bum! I can do X-Bike tomorrow, then PC Fit on Friday and still be ok for the week I think?

I am FINALLY getting the confidence to wear leggings

My Family

Me and my Mimi Nancy (my mother's mother)

Me and Mimi Jo (Father's Mother)

You know, in all seriousness, as insane as both of my Grandmothers drive me, I love them both and know that I won't get many more times with them like I had today. So, I truly do treasure them :)

Anyway - I hope all of my Spark Friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving if that is your thing!!
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