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I Finished BodyRock's Challenge...Sorta!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So today I finished BodyRock's 30 Day Real Time Challenge. Well not completely, and not in 30 days, but close enough.

The first week was a little rough. I workout out Monday and Tuesday, but had some DOMS, so took a rest day on Wednesday. On Thursday I did my missed Wednesday one, and on Friday I did the Thursday one. I took Saturday and Sunday off, even though Sunday (day 7) had a bonus workout.

Monday, of week 2, I decided to do Fridays workout. Big mistake. HUGE mistake. I learned, do Friday's workouts on Friday, because you need those two days to recover! I was out with some KILLER DOMS Tuesday and Wednesday of week two. Thursday I was back on track, doing week 2's Thursday video. Well, this was Halloween. Now if you follow me, you know I had one of the worse, and prolonged (6 freakin' hours) of a panic attack ever. I was so drained from it, that Friday I wanted nothing more than to sit in a quite room and relax. And that's all I did. I sat and knitted. No radio, no tv, no internet until 6 or so in the evening. It was nice.

So, the next week, or the first week of November, I decided to really change. I started a low carb diet (keto, though I wasn't really aware that was what I was planning to do) and re-start week 2. I workout out everyday just fine that week. Even followed the diet really close too.

Week three, I had a surprise visitor. Yup, TOM came to see me a full 3 weeks early. One of the reasons why I decided to change up my diet starting November 4, was that I would have three weeks to get the low carb thing down before PMS caused unruly cravings. Well the diet went down the drain, but I still worked out. Every day that week too. Once the period was done by Wednesday, I restarted the low carb again, this time doing it Keto style. Of course, I had a bit too much carbs on Saturday. Or maybe just not the right kind of carbs (thin crust pizza), and it kicked me out of keto on Sunday. Sunday I went a bit overboard with the white chocolate and carbs in the evening.

Week four of the BodyRock challenge was last week. I did Monday and Tuesday just fine. But from Sunday night until Wednesday morning, I had little to no sleep. So on Wednesday I was running on empty. I was a bit wobbly, and so tired I couldn't keep good balance. I decided 8 pound dumbbells, jumping, and no sleep is not a good combo, so I nixed BodyRock's Day 24. On Thursday and Friday, finally after getting some sleep, I worked out on the scheduled day (Day 25 and Day 26 respectively).

Week Five isn't really a week though. It is 2 days. Monday and Tuesday. I worked out Monday (yesterday). I worked out today (Tuesday). Tomorrow I plan to do the missed workout, Day 24.

What did it feel like finishing? One of the biggest accomplishments in my life. I was always a quitter. I never really finished much, unless I felt obligated to do so. High school and college both felt like what I had do to according to social conventions. The last time I felted this good, was when I did my Chemistry class last year, and scored the highest (or one of the highest) in the class. I kinda teared up a little bit to be honest.

So, if you don't know how the Challenge works, I give you a quick run through, as well as some tips.

BodyRock.tv is the website with the videos. Each day has a video that ranges from 28 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. They are HIIT videos, film by Lisa Marie, the original host of BodyRock. It's basically just you and her doing the workouts together. A standard video is 30 seconds skipping (skipping rope, or running in place for me), followed by a 10 second rest. While you are skipping, you watch Lisa do the exercise. Then after those forty seconds, for 30 seconds you do the exercise you just saw Lisa do, and then another 10 second rest. It goes on like this for a bit, but it goes fast. Some workouts have a burn out round at the end, where you do strength training for, say upper body, right along side Lisa Marie. It's hard and it's worth it.

She does use some strange equipment, but I made do with just a chair, some dumbbells, my swiss ball, and a mat (with the occasional step stool).

A word of warning though. First you need to have all your equipment ready. Secondly, there are I think about four repeat videos in the entire 30 days (not bad really). So don't get confused when you hit one you have already done...or go, deja-vu in my silly case.

Now, I am pretty picky about trainers, and workout videos. I like people that can motivate me. And Lisa Marie is the best I have found. She really makes you feel like it's okay to do step ups if you can't skip. If the weight is too heavy, it's okay to go down to a lower one. As long as you keep moving your good. I didn't feel like I had do it according to plan. I didn't feel like a loser because I can't do jumping jacks (Jillian Michaels makes me feel that way on occasion). But the best thing about Lisa Marie, is she is doing it right along side you. You see how winded she gets. She doesn't stop. And that makes you want to keep going.

Now, did I notice any physical ascetic changes? Well maybe a little. My calves are crazy defined now. I am even noticing some definition in my thighs, which I have never seen before. My arms are more defined as well. Plus, I'm less bloated, which is a major difference, but that is mostly due to my keto diet.

The difference I did notice was how much stronger I am. Before I could barely do a push up off the wall. Now I can do 5 "regular" push ups with my feet on the floor. Before I could barely do a plank, and I couldn't do a side plank to save my life. Today, I did my first side plank...EVER! Before, I could hardly do any ab work. Though abs are still hard, I have been able to take my feet off the ground. I can do a proper "tuck out." I can do reverse crunches now. And I can do a full sit up.

I also noticed, that while running in place was hard in the beginning, now it's much easier. In fact my heart rate drops when I run in place. My heart rate has also improved. Generally just walking around I would be in the 100's or higher. Now I am in the 80's or 90's.

So what's the verdict? I am going to start BodyRock's 30 Day Challenge again next week. Of course, I'll have my Equalizer this time, which is going to make it more challenging. I am also going to see if I can covert my backpack into a sandbag. I still use both my 8 pound and 5 pound dumbbells, so I still am okay for the most part, but my threes are about ready to be retired. If I do need a heavier weight I can always my ankle weights on the 8 pounder to make it heavier.

So, that all I have to say about BodyRock. I really honestly just like Lisa Marie, and not the other instructors of the Daily HIIT, BodyRock's sister site. So that's why I tend to stick with her. Food is still going good, and the only thing planned today beside a shower is cleaning the table and making some soup. Maybe some keto cookies too, but I don't know. I have more Raspberries, so I should probably hold off.

Well that's all for me! Have a good one guys!

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    Congratulations, and WAY TO GO!! Keep us updated on how the equalizer changes things as you go through it again. I am so happyproud for you for finishing! If it wasn't so damnably hard to photograph muscle definition in selfies, I'd say share! I've tried showing off my muscles though, and never ended up posting any of the photos because I swear there are evil gnomes inside my camera that photosop the definition out of my muscles.

    That, or it's the flash. :X
    1606 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1607 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Misha - Way to go girl!!!!! I'm absolutely stoked for you. I should take your lead and substitute equipment - no excuses right? ;) And I think it is an absolute hoot that you bought your equalizer with swag bucks. You're awesome, were there is a will there is a way! Keep on inspiring and of course always keep perspiring because it looks good on you! emoticon emoticon

    1607 days ago
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